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Nick Bowen

Boom! Broncos Bring Out Thunder & Lightning in Blowout Win

What a game! It was a great Thursday night matchup if you are a Bronco fan. The Broncos dismantled the Cardinals 45-10 to bring the team to 3-4 and snapping a four-game losing streak. It was a must-win game and Denver did not disappoint at all. After going 2-0 and then having so many close games lost; there were a lot of questions on both sides of the ball. Many felt that some jobs

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Texans vs Jags

Division Rivalry. A term perhaps most connected with the National Football League. Bears-Packers will come to mind for the aura of rivalry tradition. Any combination

Lions Week 7 Preview

Sometimes you just need a week off of work to get your mind, body, and psyche right. Last week the Lions got just what the