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Jacksonville Jaguars Helmet

Fantasy Football Projections: Jacksonville Jaguars

This entry is part 15 of 38 in the series 2018 Fantasy Football Projections

346 completions, 4000 passing yards, 26 TD, 16 INT – these are your average stats for the much-maligned Blake Bortles over the past three seasons. Those numbers are incredibly respectable for a guy who gets talked about as if he were barely a step ahead of Brock Osweiler. Factor in that Bortles can make plays …

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Indianapolis Colts Helmet

Fantasy Football Projections: Indianapolis Colts

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The 2018 Indianapolis Colts are nothing on offense if not a buffet of question marks and the biggest one starts with Andrew Luck. All signs point to Luck making his return for the season opener but we’ve all been teased before. The uncertainty at quarterback naturally impacts the outlook of the rest of the team …

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Houston Texans Helmet

Fantasy Football Projections: Houston Texans

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Who is Deshaun Watson? Is he a rookie who got hot and then got hurt before the league could adjust, or is he the fantasy league winner that posted jaw-dropping scores for five weeks? Most owners have made up their mind that he’s the latter with Watson’s ADP as the #4 QB off the board. …

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Green Bay Packers Helmet

Fantasy Football Projections: Green Bay Packers

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It begineth with Aaron Rodgers, it endeth with Aaron Rodgers. I’m not sure what page of the Good Book that’s written on but I’m 99% sure it’s in there. Rodgers is what he is, a Top 5 fantasy QB who defies a shocking lack of weapons and finds ways to put up fantasy winning stats, …

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Denver Broncos Helmet

Fantasy Football Projections: Denver Broncos

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Calling the Denver Broncos offense a lacking spot to look for fantasy help the past few seasons might well be an understatement. 2016 and 2017 were far from banner years for a team that once had the Peyton Manning machine churning out fantasy championships like the Shriners tossing out candy at a parade. So what …

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Detroit Lions Helmet

Fantasy Football Projections: Detroit Lions

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Inconsistency, I have named thee and thy name is Matt Stafford. Stafford is a gun-slinging, big-armed passer who can never seem to string together multiple successful seasons in a row. After breaking out in 2011 with 40 TD and 5000 yards, Stafford has rotated between Top 10 fantasy seasons and fantasy snoozers on an every-other-year …

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Dallas Cowboys Helmet

Fantasy Football Projections: Dallas Cowboys

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Well, I better be at my best on this one or my friends here at PFTL won’t let me hear the end of it, given our abundance of Cowboys fans. (ed note: he’s not just whistling Dixie) Our friend Ben Grimaldi wrote earlier this year about the potential for some big success for the Cowboys passing game …

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Cleveland Browns Helmet

Fantasy Football Projections: Cleveland Browns

This entry is part 8 of 38 in the series 2018 Fantasy Football Projections

This will be a fun year for the Cleveland Browns offense and should yield plenty of fantasy upside in multiple areas. First things first: quarterback. Tyrod Taylor is slated to open as the starter and he’s done nothing but re-assure the Browns coaching staff that he deserves the job so far this off-season. Taylor has …

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Cincinnati Bengals_helmet

Fantasy Football Projections: Cincinnati Bengals

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2017 provided yet another odd Andy Dalton experience in the fantasy football world. Dalton’s completion percentage and passing yards were both the second lowest of his career and he failed to register a single rushing touchdown for the first time in a season. Still, he delivered 25 TDs which were the third most in his …

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Chicago Bears Helmet

Fantasy Football Projections: Chicago Bears

This entry is part 6 of 38 in the series 2018 Fantasy Football Projections

The Chicago Bears will come into the 2018 season with a lot of question marks. First and foremost, will Mitchell Trubisky take the next step in his development? Did the Bears add the right weapons on offense to help him take that step? Chicago was plenty active in the off-season this year, building a team …

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