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C. Joseph Wright


Dak Prescott’s Use of Playaction and Shotgun

Before the 2016 season began, I posed a bunch of questions about how Dak Prescott would play and how Scott Linehan would call plays without T. Romo (click here to read that post). I began by trying to answer those questions, but my game reviews have evolved into looking at what Scott Linehan does in specific situations (1st down, 3rd & short, when/how he uses shotgun, and the effectiveness of their use of playaction). My review of the first 3 games can be found here. General Observations and Stats The Cowboys offense is doing their part: they are 8th in the NFL in total scoring (125 points), having scored 28 or more points in the last three games, yet they are a dismal -7 in point differential. For comparison, Philly has scored 138 points, but they have a point differential of +38. The Cowboys defense has forced just 4 turnovers in the first 5 games (2 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries). I am not sure that missing Sean Lee can explain the defense’s inability to stop drives. Jaylon Smith lookedRead More

Evaluating Linehan and Dak Prescott’s Offense After 3 Weeks

The first two games of the Dallas Cowboys 2017 season felt like the beginning of a Charles Dickens’ novel: “It was the best of times (vs NYG); it was the worst of times (vs. DEN)”. Then the Arizona game was the reverse:the first half felt like the worst of times, but the 2nd felt like it was the best. Before the 2016 season began, I posed a bunch of questions about how Dak Prescott would play and how Scott Linehan would call plays without T. Romo (click here to read that post). Each week, I continue trying to answer some of those questions. General Observations and Stats I’ve read a bunch of different explanations about why the Dallas Cowboys can’t run the ball effectively this year, but none of them are convincing. Against the Broncos, they were just outnumbered: Denver had a least one more defender within 7 yards of the line than Dallas had blockers on every single rushing attempt. Any offense with Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Terrence Williams and Cole Beasley should be able to move the ball through the air when a defense is thatRead More