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James Greene


Texans’ Minicamp Inspiration

Coach O Brien

Inspiration. A word that means a lot to coaches all around the world, especially in professional sports. To lead a group of grown men week-to-week while keeping them motivated is not an easy task. It takes a certain kind of man or woman to successfully keep their troops rallied behind them. At times, coaches bring in a new face to add new inspiration and give their team a message from a different perspective. The Houston Texans kicked off their veteran mini camp with just that. Coach Bill O Brien brought in Marcus Latrell to speak to his troops before the start of minicamp. The former navy seal whom the movie “Lone Survivor” was based upon reportedly spoke to the team for an hour before they started practicing. O’ Brien described Latrell as “an awesome passionate guy”, which is just what the veterans needed to hear before starting a new season in my opinion. Lets face it, football isn’t a life or death situation like the Navy Seals go through, but their are similarities. Coach O Brien spoke about the mainRead More

Will the Texans Defensive Dominance Continue in 17-18?

J.J. Watt

Last season the Houston Texans were able to rank first among NFL team defenses. As OTA’s start many people around the team have started to wonder if that dominance will carry into this year’s team with the loss of star cornerback A.J Bouye, veteran block-eating  Vince Wilfork  and the return of a perhaps rusty J.J Watt. With Mike Vrabel taking over as defensive coordinator my answer is yes and here’s my three reasons why. 1: – Mike Vrabel played in a successful 3-4 defense and knows how to run it: Coach Vrabel was a hot commodity when he chose to leave New England. He has a very creative defensive mind that’ll surely be used to put his extra touches to this defense. Also we cannot forget the coach that propelled this defense, Romeo Crennell, will still be apart of the team and those two working together spells success. When you talk about Vrabel you’re talking about a man with a linebackers mind which is key for the Texans. So much that Houston does is controlled by its linebacking core with CushingRead More

Texans Season Preview: Big Games at a glance

Texans vs Patriots

This years season will feature 4 games against the NFC west. My mind instantly goes back to the last time the Texans were in this same position with Matt Schaub leading the team. If you search “Richard Sherman NFL highlights” on YouTube you will most surely see him performing a pick six against the Texans in Houston, but its safe to say both teams are drastically different since that time. Lets put aside the usual 6 AFC south games against the combinations of Jacksonville, Indianapolis and Tennessee. The marquee games I see at first glance of the schedule are : Kansas City, New England, and Pittsburgh. Three playoff teams that have the ability to go deep in the postseason as well. Here are my early thoughts on those matchups. Kansas City Chiefs – Another consistent Andy Reid playoff team. Alex Smith is the ultimate game manager who has an elite talent at limiting turnovers. The explosion of Tyreke Hill, who does a bit of everything, will make gap coverage assignments key in this matchup. The Texans corners will have theirRead More

Watson Finds a New Home in Houston


I have been adamant on refusing to mention or support this man in any way since January 11th of 2016. Those feelings only doubled on January 9th of this year as this man proceeded to not only stress me out for almost three hours, but also break my heart in the final moments of the college football championship. As an Alabama fan, the name Deshaun Watson, haunts us all. This is a guy who was on the verge of winning back to back national championships at the expense of Alabama . His poise, leadership, athleticism, and big play ability made me sick to my stomach in having to watch it, and as a Houston Texans fan now I can only hope those traits transfer over into the big boy league. Funny how sports works isn’t it? The time has come for me to be a responsible Houston Texans fan. I have spent the last twelve hours letting go of all prior animosity that I held for this young man in Deshaun Watson. At the end of the day he wasRead More

Why Not Grab A Vet? – Texans Offseason

J.J. Watt

As the Houston Texans prepare for their 16th season in the National Football League many questions surround the organization’s plans to make another playoff run. This years Texans team will return a stout defense that although it suffers the loss of star cornerback A.J Bouye, will welcome back former defensive player of the year, J.J Watt. Houston has used their elite defense to propel them as winners of the AFC south two years in a row while in the midst of having highly inconsistent quarterback play. The AFC South has been the laughing stock of the NFL for the last couple of years, and the  Texans have been able to use that lesser competition to their advantage. However the Jaguars and Titans have started putting together teams that look extremely formidable on paper and could cause concern for Bill O’Brien’s squad if they remain stagnant offensively. So what should Houston do to remain atop the AFC south? I’d say don’t be opposed to snagging a veteran free agent. Lets be honest, whenever you turn on a sports show and the HoustonRead More