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James Greene


Sammie Finds a Home in Houston

Sammie Coates is the newest member of the Houston Texans. At only 24 years old his best year in the league came two seasons ago when he racked up 435 receiving yards in 2016 with the Steelers. Since that time, he’s failed to make the following season’s roster in Pittsburgh, was traded to Cleveland and then waived by them this year. This signing does one thing for the Texans: adds depth to the receiver room. Bill O’Brien knows he has a top 5 player on the outside in Hopkins. He also knows that if Will Fuller can stay healthy, he’s proven what a threat he can be. Outside of those two pieces lies the most inconsistency. You never know what you’re going to get from Braxton Miller and Bruce Ellington, so by adding Coates to that third option mix, Houston is hoping for additional consistent production. Defenses are going to continue to game plan against Hopkins with focused coverage in attempts to take him out of games early. With that said this will inevitably lead to more one on oneRead More

Houston and the Honey (Badger)

On one hand, Houston has addressed their horrible offensive line woes so far in free agency, but also haven’t made any big “splash” signings. They didn’t get Richard Sherman, they couldn’t convince Malcolm Butler to come to the lone star state, but there is now a way to sweeten their secondary with some honey. As in the honey badger who is now a free agent. As of now, the Texans pretty much have a secondary that is all 30+, and if you combine the young Kevin Johnson’s inconsistency and injury proneness, the future is bleak for that unit. Houston struggled the entire year in pass defense, notably losing big games such as in New England and Seattle because regardless of how much Watson put up, the opposing offense could get whatever they wanted downfield. Those issues aren’t fixed in practice, they are fixed with personnel changes. Of course, we all know who Tyrann Mathieu is, how good he is, and the Texans should know as well since he intercepted Tom Savage last year. If we look at the facts, we’llRead More

Jags Get Big Up Front But Will it Pay Off?

The Jacksonville Jaguars finished last season coming up short in the AFC championship against the vaunted Patriots. As this opening week of free agency talks has kicked up a notch the Jags’ biggest signing by far is Andrew Norwell. I’m not going to be naïve and pretend like Norwell is a household name so let me introduce him formally: Andrew Norwell. Ranked by Pro Football Focus as the third best guard in the NFL and has a rating of an 88.8 He stands at 6’6 and 315 pounds out of Ohio State and is ranked as an elite run blocker AND pass blocker. At only age 26, this undrafted free agent is regarded as one of the best offensive line players in the league which led to Jacksonville giving him $30 million guaranteed. Let’s stop beating around the bush, shall we? What exactly does this mean for the Jaguars in terms of improvement? Perhaps bigger holes for Leonard Fournette to run in, but Jacksonville is already coming off a season in which they led the league in rushing. Maybe youRead More

Houston’s Free Agency Update

The Texans entered this week with 66 million in cap space and have yet to make any sexy free agent signings. With a total 4 looming signings expected to become official in the next 24 hours, it’s clear what Houston’s primary objective is for the upcoming season. If you take away the Aaron Colvin signing, which is an attempt to upgrade the secondary by adding a player with ZERO regular season career interceptions *inserts eye roll*, what you’ll see is a lot of beef. Zach Fulton, Senio Kelemete, and Seantrel Henderson. You add all three of those men together and your close to 1,000 pounds which makes clear Houston’s number one goal quite clear: protect Watson. Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms ranked Deshaun Watson as the 7th best quarterback in football and echoed many avid football watcher’s feelings. Houston finally has a franchise superstar quarterback which they’ve never been able to say before, so their horrid offensive line must improve. You can’t be mad at that right? When you look at this Texans’ roster from top to bottom as itsRead More

Should Houston go after Sherman?

Should Houston go after Richard Sherman? Simply put my answer is no. Granted, yes, the Texans are in desperate need of help in the secondary. And Sherman reminded us of his production on Twitter just this week where he ranks first in interceptions, passes defensed, and allowed completion percentage since 2011. “James why in the world shouldn’t the Texans go after the newly released Sherman?” Is the question I’ve heard Among the group chats with my friends. To me, it’s simple and breaks down into two reasons. Number 1- Injury: Richard Sherman is coming off a torn Achilles. This isn’t an injury that is a simple ordeal to come Back from and play a position where precise cuts are always needed. I have no doubt that Sherman will get back on the field, but I question if he’ll be able to return to his elite level. He was never a burner speed wise, more of a long strider, so if he loses any of that speed, it has to lead to a dip in his ability to cover in space.Read More

Offseason Unit Report Cards: Texans’ O-Line

The offensive line. A unit filled with the biggest yet arguably the most underappreciated players on a football field. It’s a very simple concept: the better your offensive line is, the better your offense will be. Plain and Simple. Today we’ll review the starting big fellas up front in Houston. Left tackle: Julien Davenport: Julien walks onto the field towering over people standing 6’7 315 pounds out of Bucknell college. He was a rookie that instantly got thrown into starting action in his first NFL season. Davenport consistently showed good hand strength and enough athleticism to get out in space and run on screens. He mostly dominated the lower level competition in college but showed a learning curve when met with the big dogs on Sunday afternoons. Too often he lost his base after initial contact and allowed the faster pass rushers to get outside of him. Pro Football Focus gives him a ranking of 47.6 Center: Greg Mancz: Greg weighs in at 300 pounds and 6’4. Mancz is entering his fourth year and has had tons of experience onRead More

Cushing Gets Release Papers

The Cushing era is over in Houston. On Tuesday the Texans announced the release of Brian Cushing, the team’s all-time leading tackler. Even with the presumed injury free comeback of J.J Watt and Whitney Mercilus this upcoming season, there is no real surprise why Houston decided to leave out such a decorated defensive player. In my opinion, there were three main factors to Cushing’s departure. Injury: Cushing hasn’t played a full 16 games in a season since 2012. Availability is the name of the game for Houston, especially on the defensive end. With numerous seasons of injuries to Watt and Clowney, the Texans cannot afford to hang onto injury prone non-superstar players. Especially ones that soak up so much money, and that brings me to my next point. Money: The Texans will save 7.6 million dollars with this release, which is huge for a team that has defensive concerns, older players, and not a lot of substantial depth. Let’s be real, this offseason is critical for Houston. All of their high draft picks were shipped away to snag Deshaun Watson,Read More

Robby and the Jags

Per NFL network’s Ian Rapoport “Blake Bortles reportedly expected to be Jaguars’ QB in 2018 despite wrist injury”. Mind Blowing, maybe not to you but certainly to me. Windows of success in the NFL don’t last long, just ask the recently boom-less legion in Seattle. Now I’m no expert. No one will ever mistake me for being a Chris Berman or a Tom Jackson, but giving Robby Blake Bortles 19 million guaranteed to play quarterback for one year just doesn’t sound right in my head. Let’s look at the facts. Bortles has been in the league four full seasons and has a completion percentage of 59.1, along with 90 touchdowns to 64 interceptions. Not the worst in the league but certainly not the best. I have no problem with the Jaguars bringing back Bortles, but as a starter, and to announce it so early in their offseason without even shopping for a franchise thrower. Mind Blowing. Jacksonville’ arguably had the best defense in the league last year, and even though they have youth and speed all over the unit, theRead More

Jaguars Season Review

“Move those chains, move those chains, move those chains, MOVE EM” Perhaps a new quote to you, but a legendary quote to the football fans in Jacksonville. Simply put, its a tradition in Duval county for each time their guys get a first down. A chant, that before this season, was scarcely heard. All that changed this year after Tom Coughlin returned and the Jaguars showed up and showed out. Anyone whose watched the NFL closely over the last two years has witnessed the “flashes” down in Jacksonville. Whether it was the two Allen’s at receiver, or a defense that seemingly got better and better each year, however the Jags could never put it all together. Then, the offseason in 2017 happened. The likes of Calais Campbell and A.J Bouye among other veterans packed up and headed to the sunshine state because they saw what everyone else did: flashes. The Jags front office did one thing for coach Doug Marrone, solidify his roster from top to bottom. The secondary was elite with Ramsey and now Bouye, the linebackers were officialRead More