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James Greene


Why is Texans Savage Not Better?

Tom Savage

Ahhh the quarterback position. They call it the hardest position to play in all of sports. They also call it the softest position in all of sports, but who really knows? I know you have to maintain a quick thinking mind and also keep a short memory. Many have tried, many have failed, and a few have succeeded. Yet even though their isn’t an exact science in picking a good quarterback one has to winder why Tom Savage is struggling as much as he is in Houston. His last game was his best one and even in that he threw a horrible interception. Let’s look at the three main facts why he “should” be performing consistently much better than he is in my opinion. Size: Tom Savage is listed at 6’3 240 pounds. Let’s start right here. When we speak of Savage we’re not talking about a Drew Brees or Russell Wilson who have to overcome height limitations in seeing over the offensive line. We’re not even talking about a Teddy Bridgewater type quarterback who may be perceived as toRead More

Houston Gets Win Over Cardinals

Houston Texans Helmet

Sunday’s game against the Cardinals was a good day for head coach Bill O’Brien. Not because he learned something new about his team, and not because he won in blowout fashion, but simply because he won a game that he was supposed too. Blaine Gabbert made the start against Houston on Sunday. a quarterback who has been shuffled throughout the league for years, and the Texans defense forced multiple interceptions with him throwing. As they should have. Adrian Peterson, who has look wildly rejuvenated since joining the Arizona ball club was held to under 40 yards rushing on the day by Houston. Stopping the ball carrier is something the Texans pride themselves on and they executed on that all game. Tom Savage, wasn’t as savage as he has been this year, throwing only one interception. If you’ve watched the Texans this year you’ll understand why that’s somewhat of a positive. Hopkins got targeted early and often and continued to be a mismatch for even elite corner Patrick Peterson. In the end, this game wasn’t flashy, it was simple. Plain oldRead More

Texans vs Rams Recap

Tom Savage

Another Sunday, another loss for the Texans. Houston traveled all the way to the west coast for today’s matchup and I’m not sure if Tom Savage should be allowed to ride on the team plane back. The Los Angeles Rams. We all know who they are by this time of the season. A high scoring offense with excellent play calling and an average bend but don’t always break defense. Now I will give the Texans’ secondary a lot of credit, they did eliminate the Goff long play action throws, in the first half. Houston’s front limited Todd Gurley to 68 yards, and half of that was on one long run. The problem is the defense was on the field for entirely to long, almost 32 minutes to be exact. Take that into effect as well as two takeaways by their defense and you’ll most likely always get a win. Tom Savage. Where do I start? While playing against a team with no household name or pro bowl secondary players he managed to throw two interceptions. He completed exactly 50 percentRead More

Texans’ Mid-Season Grades

3-5. With half their season having already been played the Houston Texans find themselves two games under .500. With their starting quarterback, linebacker and defensive end out for the year, giving Houston a mid season grade requires a much more detailed explanation of what the grade is for. Do we grade how the team has handled these devastating injuries? Are we to grade how the team looked with the real starters playing? Or are we just grading how head coach Bill O’ Brien has navigated through all of this? Defense – D All of the aforementioned questions are hard to answer, yet luckily you get to hear my two cents on the matter. I grade the defense so far as a D for the ability to keep the defense up to par without Mercilus and Watt. Let’s not forget it wasn’t supposed to be easy to replace these guys but up front the Texans continue to stop the run efficiently. The problem though lies in the secondary, which has been atrocious in my opinion. Offense – A As for theRead More

Colts Ease Past Texans

Texans vs Colts

That sums up the afternoon in Houston as they faced the Indianapolis Colts. With Watson’s season ending injury fresh on the minds of Texans’ fans everywhere, Tom Savage took over the starting spot with little trust. Savage acknowledged that he wasn’t Deshaun Watson, nor could he do the things he did to escape the pocket. Yet that honesty doesn’t always translate to wins. At the halfway mark, Savage had completed 7 passes for under 80 yards, and more importantly, zero touchdowns. This becomes the new reality for a team that has scored 30+ five games in a row with the previous quarterback. Now it’s true, Savage doesn’t have anywhere near the mobility that Deshaun did, but an inability to score against the Colts defense in the opening half is alarming. Let’s put this into quick perspective. The Colts have given up 30 points a game on average. Their best cornerback Vontae Davis was inactive for this game against the Texans. Houston has a healthy Lamar Miller at running back, and Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller on the outsides. Savage managedRead More

The Texans lose Deshaun

Injuries are apart of football and always will be, yet that doesn’t take away the shock factor when we hear of them. Torn ACL’s are not only a common football injury, but a yearly if not monthly NFL occurrence. But for a rookie quarterback who was seemingly climbing the ladder to not only rookie of the year but future superstar, this setback means a lot more. I try and look at the positives and negatives of every situation and weigh them proportionately. Deshaun Watson going down with a torn ACL in practice in a non contact situation provides both sides of thinking. On the negative side, you feel bad for the guy. We’re talking about a rookie player who has shown leadership on and off the field instantly. Watson has sparked not only the Texans, but the community around him with his charitable acts this season. To see his season so far, which was historical, coming off his best showing in Seattle and then for this to randomly happen is a bummer to see. This also means Houston’s playoff choicesRead More