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Sacksonville Has Made Houston Address Their Roster (Part 1)

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series 2017 Texans Seasons End

The Jaguars have slowly but surely became a surging NFL defense. Not only are they a top 5 defensive unit and leading the league in sacks, but they have wreaked havoc amongst the AFC south enough to take control of the division. For the last couple of years that has been a position held by the Houston Texans. Jacksonville has managed to mix a lot of young stars with savvy and proven veterans, which could spell future problems for all AFC south teams for seasons to come. This means one thing and one thing only for the Texans this offseason, the draft and free agency will be KEY. Let’s start with the back end of the defense. A unit that just let Jimmy G and the no name 49ers receivers have a field day. This is a secondary that had the services of A.J Bouye up until last offseason when he chose Jacksonville and their higher offer. With him gone, it leaves Jonathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson as the main cornerbacks. Joseph who is an older corner who is clearlyRead More

Texans 49ers Recap

Tom Savage

When you lose to a team that is 2-10 there’s not much you can say. When you lose to that team by double digits there’s damn sure not a lot to say. For the Houston Texans on Sunday this was their reality. If Jimmy Garoppolo turns out to be a pro bowl quarterback then this might make sense, but for now a quarterback in his third start with a team threw for 330+ yards. Speaking of the 49ers, they also picked up another 105 yards on the ground.  These are unprecedented times for Houston, who in the last three years have not only won the AFC south and won several playoff games, but have also done it on the back of a great defense. At this point in the Texans’ organization there’s not much that can be done due to the depletion of talent because of injury. All levels of the defense are banged up and or showing signs of aging *cough cough Jonathan Joseph*. For head coach O’Brien, I don’t fault him one bit, because analysts like myself continueRead More

Texans Ravens Recap

Houston Texans Helmet

Monday night football, prime time. Usually a big night for NFL players as they are the premiere football product of the night. The Texans and Ravens squared off this past Monday in a battle of average teams, granted both for different reasons. Houston started their opening drive by going 90 yards to score a touchdown, in which Tom Savage was accurate and under control. That quickly changed with Savage throwing an interception later in the first half, and then one to ultimately seal the Ravens win with two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. At the end of the day the Texans’ can’t be surprised. Tom Savage is a model of inconsistency, if he throws a touchdown you damn sure better expect an interception soon. As for the Ravens, who remarkably are still in the wildcard playoff picture, their defense will be the only thing leading them to the postseason if they end up there. Now I’m no “official” expert but my eyes tell me Joe Flacco hasn’t been an elite quarterback since his huge contract extension after the Superbowl.Read More

Why is Texans Savage Not Better?

Tom Savage

Ahhh the quarterback position. They call it the hardest position to play in all of sports. They also call it the softest position in all of sports, but who really knows? I know you have to maintain a quick thinking mind and also keep a short memory. Many have tried, many have failed, and a few have succeeded. Yet even though their isn’t an exact science in picking a good quarterback one has to winder why Tom Savage is struggling as much as he is in Houston. His last game was his best one and even in that he threw a horrible interception. Let’s look at the three main facts why he “should” be performing consistently much better than he is in my opinion. Size: Tom Savage is listed at 6’3 240 pounds. Let’s start right here. When we speak of Savage we’re not talking about a Drew Brees or Russell Wilson who have to overcome height limitations in seeing over the offensive line. We’re not even talking about a Teddy Bridgewater type quarterback who may be perceived as toRead More

Houston Gets Win Over Cardinals

Houston Texans Helmet

Sunday’s game against the Cardinals was a good day for head coach Bill O’Brien. Not because he learned something new about his team, and not because he won in blowout fashion, but simply because he won a game that he was supposed too. Blaine Gabbert made the start against Houston on Sunday. a quarterback who has been shuffled throughout the league for years, and the Texans defense forced multiple interceptions with him throwing. As they should have. Adrian Peterson, who has look wildly rejuvenated since joining the Arizona ball club was held to under 40 yards rushing on the day by Houston. Stopping the ball carrier is something the Texans pride themselves on and they executed on that all game. Tom Savage, wasn’t as savage as he has been this year, throwing only one interception. If you’ve watched the Texans this year you’ll understand why that’s somewhat of a positive. Hopkins got targeted early and often and continued to be a mismatch for even elite corner Patrick Peterson. In the end, this game wasn’t flashy, it was simple. Plain oldRead More