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Texans Release Jaelen Strong

Jalen Strong

  Third year receiver Jaelen Strong was released today. At 6’2 220 pounds out of Arizona State, Strong was a good prospect that had great size and hands out of college. Unfortunately, even as a third round pick, Strong underperformed. The marijuana arrest that resulted in him serving a one game suspension at the start of the year didn’t help his case either. In a phone interview Strong said “Appreciate them giving me the chance to make it where I have, people from where I’m from don’t get the opportunities I got. I’m going to take this on the chin and move forward. Whatever team picks me up, I’m going to give them everything I have.” This release doesn’t mean much for the Texans main receiving core. The #1 receiver Hopkins is still in place, speedster Will Fuller will eventually come back from his broken collarbone. Braxton Miller and the gang of tight ends Bill O’ Brien has can all help Watson when Hopkins and Fuller are covered. If Houston’s offensive line can give Deshaun some decent time, the currentRead More

Houston’s Thursday Night Redemption

Deshaun Watson

I’d like to formally apologize to the Houston Texans organization. On the night of September the 14th a tweet surfaced from my twitter account saying the Texans would probably get blown out by the Bengals. In my defense, the anemic Texans I saw Sunday against Jacksonville gave me no reason to think Thursday’s game would be any different. But nonetheless, I was wrong. 13-9. A final MLB score? Nope a Thursday night football game. This was a contest of two elite defenses. Geno Atkins and J.J Watt both showed why their Madden ratings are so high. No surprises there. This game was an official showcase for running plays that go nowhere, over and over. What did surprise me was the quarterback play. Andy Dalton has never been a great quarterback, but he’s never looked THIS bad. How bad was he? His offensive coordinator Ken Zampese was fired less than 24 hours after a night of Dalton missing throws to wide open receivers. Dalton also managed to lead his team to a position in the NFL record books for teams thatRead More

MISSING: “Our O-Line”, If Found Please Contact the Houston Texans

Duane Brown

  Let me start by saying I was at a loss for words from 1-4 P.M on Sunday. Why do you ask? Well even with the onset of Hurricane Irma I was able to tune in and watch the Houston Texans take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. To say the least, the Texans were favored and highly expected to win, especially at home. What happened throughout four quarters of that game left many fans of both teams utterly shocked. Lets make a long story short. The Jaguars defeated the Texans 29-7. I’m a fan of being realistic at all times especially with football so I won’t stop now. Nobody expected this. Most people were aware of the Jacksonville defense, that was filled of elite players from front to back. The quarterbacks room of Houston knew this beforehand and knew they had to get rid of the ball quickly and make good decisions. That didn’t happen. Why not? I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but theres a very important group on good football teams referred to as the offensive line.Read More

Houston vs Jacksonville…We Shouldn’t Have a Problem

Chiefs vs Jaguars

Week 1 is right around the corner, and for the Texans that means a matchup against division rival Jaguars. Houston has won six straight games against Jacksonville and  the mighty Jaguars haven’t won a road opener since 2004. A victory will depend on a lot of offensive players needing to play bigger roles for Houston. Starting speedster receiver Will Fuller is out with a broken collarbone and backup running back Alfred Blue will also be out. That’ll mean more playing time for Braxton Miller specifically. A player who showed outstanding speed and athleticism in college, Miller will be counted on heavily by Tom Savage who will most likely see Deandre Hopkins double teamed for a majority of the game. Now that we have all the facts out the way, let be honest. I think it’s safe to say no Texans fans are worried about Blake Bortles in any way shape or form. On our defensive line, JJ Watt is healthy one on side and on the other is a healthy Jadaveon Clowney. That spells a world of hurt for Bortles whoRead More

Oh When The Saints Come Marching In – Texans vs Saints

J.J. Watt

And boy oh boy did they march. 13-0 was the final score of the Texans third preseason game against Drew Brees and company. Most of the NFL recognizes the third preseason game as the official dress rehearsal for the regular season starters. That being said, Bill O Brien’s offense has a lot of work to do. Lets start on a brighter note, the defense. A unit of J.J Watt, Brian Cushing, Johnathan Joseph, Jadaveon Clowney, etc, held their own as usual. Brees was held to just one field goal drive while completing 11/15 attempts for 76 yards. A valiant defensive performance against a first ballot hall of famer is always deserving of praise, even in a “meaningless” games. Over the past few years the New Orleans Saints have been associated with having a potent offense. Knowing that and still holding Sean Payton’s team to 13 points is a good sign before the season actually starts. The defense looks just as strong as last year, especially up front in the trenches. The loss of A.J Bouye hasn’t yet reared its uglyRead More

Houston We Have Lift Off – Right Call on Texans QB

Deshaun Watson

God is good God is great, let us thank him for this….football. Ladies and Gentlemen it’s that time again. 3-4 defenses, wheel routes, and botched field goal kicks, the NFL season is near. We officially have three full preseason games under our belt over in Houston and the Texans are posed to have another admirable year; but with who under center? Good ole Tom Savage. Let’s look at the facts. Savage isn’t going to blow anybody away with his pin point Aaron Rodgers like fast balls. Savage is strictly an average quarterback who has the ability to be a game manager for a playoff contender. He doesn’t have the ability to necessarily win you games but if he’s safe with the ball he won’t lose you any either. For his career he has a rating of 74.9, which is solid. Savage has thrown 92 NFL passes and has completed just under 61 percent of those throws. He’s not going to Canton with those numbers but he’s far from a bad quarterback as well. On the other side we have theRead More

Texans’ Minicamp Inspiration

Coach O Brien

Inspiration. A word that means a lot to coaches all around the world, especially in professional sports. To lead a group of grown men week-to-week while keeping them motivated is not an easy task. It takes a certain kind of man or woman to successfully keep their troops rallied behind them. At times, coaches bring in a new face to add new inspiration and give their team a message from a different perspective. The Houston Texans kicked off their veteran mini camp with just that. Coach Bill O Brien brought in Marcus Latrell to speak to his troops before the start of minicamp. The former navy seal whom the movie “Lone Survivor” was based upon reportedly spoke to the team for an hour before they started practicing. O’ Brien described Latrell as “an awesome passionate guy”, which is just what the veterans needed to hear before starting a new season in my opinion. Lets face it, football isn’t a life or death situation like the Navy Seals go through, but their are similarities. Coach O Brien spoke about the mainRead More

Will the Texans Defensive Dominance Continue in 17-18?

J.J. Watt

Last season the Houston Texans were able to rank first among NFL team defenses. As OTA’s start many people around the team have started to wonder if that dominance will carry into this year’s team with the loss of star cornerback A.J Bouye, veteran block-eating  Vince Wilfork  and the return of a perhaps rusty J.J Watt. With Mike Vrabel taking over as defensive coordinator my answer is yes and here’s my three reasons why. 1: – Mike Vrabel played in a successful 3-4 defense and knows how to run it: Coach Vrabel was a hot commodity when he chose to leave New England. He has a very creative defensive mind that’ll surely be used to put his extra touches to this defense. Also we cannot forget the coach that propelled this defense, Romeo Crennell, will still be apart of the team and those two working together spells success. When you talk about Vrabel you’re talking about a man with a linebackers mind which is key for the Texans. So much that Houston does is controlled by its linebacking core with CushingRead More