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Is Tyrod Taylor the Solution to Broncos’ Offensive Woes?

Tyrod Taylor

The Denver Broncos have some major issues, mainly quarterback and the offensive tackle positions. To make matters worse, there doesn’t appear to be an in house solution for solving both problems, if either. Denver is still relatively fresh off winning a Super Bowl by riding a stifling defense, but the franchise, and its fanbase, is immensely hungry to win another Super Bowl. Denver’s defense was nothing short of spectacular during their 2015 Super Bowl run. Unfortunately, the defense is not quite at that level anymore. The secondary has begun to age, and Denver has lost some key contributors on the defensive line. Look, Denver was never going to be able to pay everyone from that insane defensive line. Opposing franchises were going to throw cash at them, they were going to leave. Denver was forced to make tough decisions, and I feel they made the correct ones. The salary cap actually did what it was designed to do, so there’s not much to complain about. Denver has found some good “glue guys” to service their defensive line. In Denver’s 3-4Read More

The Broncos Have Finally Played an Actual Football Game

Chris Harris

The Denver Broncos had their first preseason game on Thursday night. The Broncos traveled to Chicago for a bout with the Bears. This game was anything but exciting, honestly. It is imperative to remember this was just the first preseason game when making observations or analyzing. Nonetheless, I had quite a few takeaways from what was essentially a train wreck. Quarterback Play: We all know the story, Denver has an ongoing quarterback competition between Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. Each played on Thursday night, and neither impressed much. Neither quarterback was able to manufacture a touchdown drive. Trevor Siemian started the game for Denver. Trevor Siemian was Trevor Siemian on Thursday night. His first drive was a pretty good one, resulting in a field goal. After that, however, the offense struggled moving the ball under his command. Siemian was not necessarily bad, but he also wasn’t necessarily good. Now to Paxton Lynch, he was the same guy as last year. He looked like a deer in headlights on the field. He was quick to scramble, as he is still uncomfortable in the pocket, and completed theRead More

The Broncos Offseason is Officially Over

Von Miller

The Denver Broncos reported for training camp on Thursday. Training camp can be rightfully labeled as boring, but at least it signals the end of the offseason. Denver is staring down the barrel at a compelling 2017 season, at least from an outside perspective. You know the issues they face, and the narratives they are trying to fight. Peyton Manning’s Ghost The Broncos, and specifically their quarterbacks, are haunted by a Peyton Manning sized ghost. Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian are in year two of replacing a legend, while newcomer Chad Kelly, albeit injured, is getting his first taste. Look, nobody wants to be the guy replacing a legend. Lynch and Siemian had that unfair misfortune in 2016. They showed flashes, but nothing was consistent enough to be confident in either quarterback. Enter Chad Kelly. Kelly was Mr. Irrelevant in the draft. You could spend an entire post just arguing whether the injury or off-field issues hurt his draft stock more. For the sake of my sanity, I’m just gonna stick with they both tanked his draft stock. I watched Chad in his two years at Ole Miss, I’m an OleRead More

Cody Latimer is in a Rocky Place

Cody Latimer

Cody Latimer was a second round draft pick out of Indiana in the 2014 NFL Draft. Latimer is in a very rocky place currently, pun intended. Latimer is in the fourth, and final, year of his rookie contract.  According to spotrac, Latimer’s 4 year deal will pay him $3,708,650. Here are the full number’s of Latimer’s deal: year base salary signing bonus cap hit yearly cash 2014 $420,000 $254,300  $674,300  $1,437,200 2015 $588,575 $254,300 $842,875 $588,575 2016 $757,150 $254,300 $1,011,450 $757,150 2017 $925,725 $254,300 $1,180,025 $925,725 all numbers from Spotrac note his full signing bonus was paid in 2014, but the hit on the cap was spread out over the life of the contract. Latimer has largely been a bust to this point.  In 3 years he has a whopping total of… 16 receptions.  Remind me again why some think Denver would be better off without Demaryius Thomas, please. Latimer’s career numbers are listed below:  games played receptions TD Yards YPC Fumbles Targets  34 16 1  158  9.9  0  30 all stats courtesy of So, Why is Latimer worthy of  a Story? DespiteRead More

Denver Broncos: Was Demaryius Thomas a Product of Peyton Manning?

Demaryius Thomas

Demaryius Thomas was thought to be one of the top 5 receivers in the NFL.  His performance last year was not indicative of a top 5 talent.  Was it him or his quarterback(s)? Demaryius, no doubt, has immense talent at the receiver position, but he may not truly be able to elevate a receiving corps. Demaryius was drafted with the 22nd overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.  His first two seasons in the league saw more minimal production and appearances, although some of that can be attributed to youth and subpar quarterback play.  Tim freaking Tebow was his quarterback for a season.  Not to be too down on Tebow, he and Demaryius did connect for a memorable TD to beat Pittsburgh in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. The 2012 season saw a spike in the production of Thomas.  Coincidentally,  this was also the season that Peyton Manning arrived in town.  This led to an intriguing question that was unanswerable at the time, had Thomas finally figured out the league or was he a product of Peyton Manning? Read More

Broncos QB Mess, What Happened?

Brock Osweiler

Denver’s quarterback situation is a mess, everyone knows it.  They have no clear No. 1.  What they do have is a top level replacement quarterback, an exciting prospect, and a potential steal in Chad Kelly.  A recent Woody Paige article, terrific as usual, really shows just how much the Brock Osweiler situation hurt Denver in the 2016 draft. Denver lost Osweiler and preceded to draft Paxton Lynch in 2016.  Had they kept Brock, they could have used their pick on a tight end they desperately needed. Denver could still have taken a quarterback later in the draft, Dak Prescott anyone? Paige points out John Elway’s interest in Dak. “It must be remembered that the other quarterback who intrigued Elway was Dak Prescott. Would the Broncos have picked Prescott instead of safety Justin Simmons at 98th?” Osweiler is notorious for under-performance, see 2017 with the Texans.  A good question is would he have done better in Denver? The answer is unequivocally no. Denver had a weaker O-Line, which manifested itself in every quarterback on the roster getting injured.  While Denver was unfortunate to be thrownRead More

Are Aqib Talib’s Days in Denver Numbered?

Aqib Talib

Aqib Talib has been a major reason for the success of Denver’s vaunted defenses the past several seasons.  Because of this, imagining a Broncos team without him seems wrong, but it isn’t.  We all know that at a certain age the production of a corner in the NFL can start to drop significantly.  If you need proof, just look at what happened to Darelle Revis this past year after turning 31, and guess how old Talib recently turned?  If you guessed 31, you are a genius.  If you look at Talib’s last couple of seasons, you’ll find he has had consistently good seasons, but so had Revis before he imploded last year.  Denver has played a lot of man-to-man defense the last several years, and I look for that trend to continue.  Due to the style of play Denver uses, if Talib even loses half a step the results could be catastrophic.  Denver must be prepared to replace Talib in the very near future, so yes his days are numbered. Replacements: The easy answer here is Bradley Roby.  While Roby is a big partRead More

Who is the Denver Broncos QB of the Future?

Paxton Lynch

The ripples in the water from Free Agency have all calmed down. The NFL Draft is in the rear view mirror. The first round of (voluntary) OTA’s has come and gone. Mandatory OTA’s are up next and NFL Training Camps are just around the corner. As we get closer and closer to the next NFL season, one question resonates throughout the mind of every Denver Broncos fan. That question is: “Who will be our quarterback of the future and is he currently on the roster?”. We recently ran a twitter poll to see what fans’ thoughts were on the matter, and, honestly, the results caught me by surprise. Who will end up being #Broncos QB of the future? — Steven Van Over (@StevenVanOver) May 22, 2017 The results were as follows: Paxton Lynch – 34%: The surprise winner in the poll, in my opinion, is the second year man out of the University of Memphis.  Lynch was a late first round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.  During his first season, Lynch was underwhelming when given the chance to play.  Yes, I knowRead More

Have Broncos Acquired Pieces Needed to Revamp Offense?

Chad Kelly

Anyone paying attention to professional football knows the Denver Broncos have been mediocre at best on offense the last couple years.  Yes, it is true Denver does not need the record setting offense they utilized in the first few Peyton Manning years in order to win a Super Bowl; however, last season the offense simply did not do near enough to support their vaunted defense.  Things are looking up however as the team may have acquired pieces to field a productive offense in the future through both the draft and free agency. If the low-risk, high-reward acquisitions pay off,  Denver could end up making out like bandits. Draft Acquisitions: Garett Bolles; Offensive Tackle, Utah – Garett is expected to easily slide into the starting Left Tackle role. Along with some free agent signings, him successfully sliding into that role should help solidify the offensive line.  Outside of finding a quarterback, fixing the offensive line has been Denver’s main point of emphasis for several years. Carlos Henderson; WR, Louisiana Tech – Henderson is a smaller receiver, who has struggled staying healthy.  Assuming he can finally stay healthy, he is a shifty receiver withRead More

Denver Broncos Post Draft Analysis

Garett Boles NFL Draft

As you already know, John Elway and the Denver Broncos recently completed the 2017 NFL Draft. That is if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, atleast. Now, most fans want to know four things after a draft: 1) Who is the first round draft pick, 2) which athlete will produce the most on the field immediately, 3) which draft choice will be a bust, and 4) which late round pick could develop into a steal. This article should hopefully fulfill those desires; however, if you are a super fan who wants to know everything about each individual player, then I apologize in advance. Ed Note: SportsTalkLine wants to extend a very warm welcome to our new Broncos Analyst John Gillon First Round Selection: Garett Bolles In the first round of the draft, Denver drafted a 24 year old offensive tackle from Utah, Garett Bolles. Bolles measured at 6’4 and 297 pounds. Bolles registered the second fastest OT 40 time at the combine with a 4.95. He would go on to post the bestRead More