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Broncos Have Problems; Being Soft Is Not One

Denver, Colo | Friday night at a Ring of Fame ceremony for legendary coach Red Miller and Hall of Famer Terrell Davis, John Elway blamed the Broncos five game losing skid on the team being soft, according to “I’ll tell you, I think we got a little soft.” Elway would go on to elaborate on what he believed to be the culprit for Denver losing five games. “To be dead honest with you, we got a little bit soft. We went 4-0 in the pre-season, we started 3-1, we get a bye week and if you exhale in this league? You’re in trouble. And you know what, to be dead honest with you, I think we exhaled, and it’s hard to recover from that. It will be a lesson that hopefully we all learned and can prevent it from happening in the future.” Unsurprisingly, starting linebacker Brandon Marshall disagreed with Elway in an interview with Vic Lombardi of Altitude TV. “We just stopped executing. We got sloppy, but we definitely didn’t get soft.” Denver played a pivotal game againstRead More

John Elway, not Vance Joseph, Is Responsible for Broncos’ Woes

Denver, Colo — The Denver Broncos, and more specifically their fans, are not used to losing. Sunday night in Denver marked the second time in as many home games that the Broncos have been booed as they left the field for half time. Denver is reeling, and there doesn’t appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Denver entered Sunday night having lost four consecutive games, and they had benched a starting quarterback. Oh, and the Broncos were playing host to Tom Brady. New England took Denver to the woodshed. The Patriots landed an early haymaker or two, and the Broncos never countered with an uppercut, or even a body blow. Sure, Denver scored some points, but they never threatened New England – Denver was more of an aggravating fly or mosquito buzzing in Tom Brady’s ear. Speaking of which, Brady and co cruised in Mile High Stadium, which had been a house of horrors for the signal caller in years past. At halftime, Vance Joseph told Michele Tafoya that the main problem Denver had was special teams.Read More

Broncos Find Rock Bottom in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – Shortly following the Broncos 29-19 Monday Night loss to Kansas City, Von Miller stated he was confident that Denver would beat the league-best Philadelphia Eagles. “I feel strongly that we will be able to do that,” Von Miller’s Well, Von was wrong, very wrong – maybe he forgot to tell the rest of his team. The Eagles soared over the Broncos, who hit rock bottom Sunday. Philadelphia throttled Denver by a score of 51-23. However, a 51-23 score, which is a 28-point loss, is perhaps a little too generous to Denver. Philadelphia once led Denver 44-9. At this point, the Eagles took their feet – or talons – off the proverbial gas pedal. Doug Pederson isn’t one to embarrass an opponent, or is he?  Denver also scored a late defensive touchdown. Thank you, Nick Foles. Unlike several games of the past, the stats do tell the true story of this football game. Denver managed just 226 total yards of offense, compared to 419 from the Philadelphia Eagles. Only 35 of Denver’s measly 219 yards came on theRead More

Bills QB Tyrod Taylor Could Solve Broncos Offensive Riddle

Tyrod Taylor

Denver, Colo – On Wednesday morning, Vance Joseph announced that the Denver Broncos would replace Trevor Siemian with Brock Osweiler.  Osweiler started seven games for Denver during their 2015 Super Bowl season, but is he the answer to Denver’s problems? Osweiler recently returned to Denver after being cut by the Browns – he previously was the Texans quarterback after signing a 4-year, $72 million contract ($37 million guaranteed) with the Texans. Osweiler is a controversial player among the Broncos fan base. During the 2015 season, Osweiler started seven games. In those seven games, Denver compiled a 5-2 record, which helped them secure first place in the conference – Peyton Manning made a triumphant return in the seventh game to help Denver snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Osweiler was unhappy when Peyton Manning was given the starting nod for the playoff stretch in Denver, which I can understand. Osweiler went 5-2, but Denver made the correct decision. Brock hit free agency following the 2015 Super Bowl. Denver attempted to resign Osweiler – Peyton Manning had elected to retire. ToRead More

The Broncos Must Make Sweeping Changes on Offense

Kansas City, MO –  On the eve of Halloween, Denver Broncos fans were eagerly awaiting their game of trick-or-treat with Trevor Siemian and the Broncos offense. Unfortunately for Denver fans, they were forced to endure the Broncos trick that was stolen from Pinto – playing dead. The Broncos traveled to Kansas City for a pivotal division tilt against the rival Chiefs. Kansas City entered at 5-2 (1-1 in the division), while Denver entered 3-3 (2-1 in the division). The winner of Monday’s game was set up to be in the AFC West driver seat. Whoever came away victorious was going to hold the advantage in the division via tiebreakers. Kansas City has boasted one of the league’s most explosive and dynamic offenses in the NFL. Yes, Kansas City was stifled by Pittsburgh, but that appears to be an outlier caused by a poor matchup. On the other hand, the Broncos ride a dominant defense. However, their offense has left much to be desired. Fun fact: Denver is 3-0 when C.J. Anderson gets 20 carries, compared to 0-4 when he doesRead More