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Nick Bowen


Broncos Set For Victory Against The Giants?

Giants vs Broncos

On Sunday Night Football, the Denver Broncos will face off against the winless New York Giants. While the Broncos are heavily favored in this contest, lets take a look at what fans can expect. The game will be held at Sports Authority Field in Denver, which brings in the issue of altitude as a factor hampering the visiting team. This alone could cause cramping and altitude sickness for the players unless they stay hydrated appropriately. The weather looks to be perfect for the game with a high of 66 degrees and sunny during the day. The Broncos offense will look to improve upon the first 4 games they played so far. Denver’s rununing game will look to keep it’s pace up with the foot on the gas. Between C.J. Anderson and Jamaal Charles, they have managed to bring an aspect to the offense that the Broncos have lacked for years. This week Head Coach Vance Joseph told the media that running back Jamaal Charles will not see more playing time or touches.Many have been shocked by this due to hisRead More

Rating The Broncos At The Season Quarter

John Elway

Last Sunday the Denver Broncos came off a fantastic home win against the Oakland Raiders 16-10. While the game was close, the ending is reminiscent of the wins the club achieved in the 2015 season prior to their Super Bowl win. The team had some positive and negatives on both sides of the ball. The offense struggled with the pass and had a single touchdown which was a Trevor Siemian 22 yard pass to tight end A.J. Derby. Denver’s run game remained strong, averaging 4.5 yards per rush for a total of 143 yards. However the defense was much better than the offense. The defensive line was great against the run and held the Raiders to 24 yards. Meanwhile the No-Fly-Zone only allowed one passing touchdown. Also they sealed the game with a late fourth quarter interception by second year safety Justin Simmons. Given the performance through the first four games of the season; its time to rate this much improved Denver team. Offense: B- The offense has improved over the team from last year, but they have still struggled inRead More

Can The Broncos Turn It Around Against The Raiders?

Last week in Buffalo, the Denver Broncos were beaten in a disappointing loss to the Bills. With many fans citing an overrated team and others blaming it on the protesting of President Trump’s comments directed at the NFL; there are questions that need answering about this team. The Broncos went and stunned the league with a victory against the Cowboys, then due to mistakes on both sides of the ball, they lost to the Bills the following week. There are some changes that need to be made with the Broncos team. The first change that needs to be made is the costly mistakes that caused unwanted penalties. The unsportsmanlike penalty on Von Miller was a ridiculous call by the refs. However Von should know better than to pull a move such as that. Yes he was joking and both he and Tyrod Taylor were laughing over it, the refs may not view it the same way. That penalty alone could make a huge difference in a closer game and be the difference between a win and a loss. On theRead More