Author: Robert Mc Glinchey

Over Charged

  The Los Angeles Chargers defeat The San Francisco 49ers 29-27. Los Angeles avoids last place with a win and goes 2-2. The Los Angeles Chargers

Coliseum Conflict

The Coliseum. The Coliseum conflict is over. Once again Los Angeles Ram blue and gold dominates the venue and the field. The Rams defeated the Chargers 35-23. Los

Chargers in Battle for LA

L.A. Conflict There is no doubt there is a pro football conflict in the city of L.A. The Chargers have a long way to go

Red Rivers

The Chiefs came to the Stub and left the Charger fans seeing red. The Chiefs winning streak over the Chargers continues at 9 with a 38-28

Chargers’ Season Preview

Chargers’ Season Preview 2019 The 2018 preseason is now closed and an exhibition season observation wouldn’t be fair. Los Angeles Charger fans can expect a mysterious season. Despite

Backing Up the Chargers

The Chargers first preseason was filled with backups. In quarterback Cardale Jones, out Philip Rivers. Wide receiver Keenan Allen and defensive end Joey Bosa also

Philip Rivers Jersey

Super Charged On The NFL Network

The NFL has the longest offseason of all pro sports. Preseason football on the NFL Network is starting this week. Southern California has three great

NFL – AFC West

The AFC West has been weakened for some time. This season will see in a shift in power. The AFC West could have three teams