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NFL Franchise / Transition Tags Are Official


The NFL Transition Tags are official for 2015 with not as many names on the list as one might think. Here is the quick hits. Patriots K Stephen Gostkowski – $4,126,000 Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas – $12,823,000 Cowboys WR Dez Bryant – $12,823,000 Chiefs OLB Justin Houston – 13,195,000 Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul – $14,813,000 (Thanks to PFF for the numbers) There are no unexpected names on the list. It’s the names NOT on the list that stand out. DeMarco Murray is now slated to become a free agent. Ndamukong Suh is now slated to become a free agent. Still a few days to get a deal done.  Going to be a fun off season! Note: Dolphins used the “Transition Tag” on TE Charles Clay. Reference Links Below: Franchise and transition tag numbers are in Those transition numbers also double as the fifth-year option numbers for the top 10 picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. The numbers could still bump up a bit if the final cap calculation comes in above $ 143 million, but those are the numbers teams areRead More

Jason Garrett Interview

Jason Garrett Interview

Had time to watch the Wednesday Jason Garrett Interview.  Garrett was focused and didn’t have to deal with questions regarding the controversial play in the victory against the Lions last Sunday. There were a few short questions about the packers with Aaron Rodgers being the lead topic. Most of the time Garrett was responding to comments and questions concerning the defensive line and the pressure they are creating in recent games. Here are a few quotes that stood out. “He’s just a great player” – on Aaron Rodgers. “Oh I think we’re rushing better. There’s no question about that … the rotation has been effective …. you have to affect the quarterback.” – Cowboys defensive front four. “You want to create turnovers … ” – recent uptick in turnovers “The turnover ratio impacts scoring more than any other statistic. It’s a huge emphasis for us. – why turnovers are so important. “A direct correlation between success this team has had and that statistic is evident.” – 16 recent takeways.