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Connor Livesay's 2018 Four Round Mock Draft Published 2/6/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line

The 2017 NFL season has officially come to an end after the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII on Sunday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Philadelphia was able to win their first Super Bowl due to drafting players like Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, and Zach Ertz. I thought this was the perfect time to bring you... read more→

How Shurmur can Change Big Blue Published 1/29/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line

After the NFC championship game when the Minnesota Vikings were eliminated from the playoffs the Giants could finally announce that they hired the Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur as their new head coach. And with Shurmur’s new post brings a whole new set of challenges that need to be addressed.  The success and longevity of... read more→

NFL Coaching Carousel Karma Published 1/10/2018 in Pro Football Talk LineNFL Hot Seat

The 2017 NFL Season isn't over yet but the 2018 NFL Coaching Hiring Season is in full swing! With the annual event of coaching retreads,  college transplants and nepotistic self-aggrandizing stroking (talking about you Jerry Jones), there are always a few moves that need to happen, which may or may not occur. Let's focus on those for a few... read more→

Wild Card Weekend Proves Cowboys Missed Golden Opportunity Published 1/8/2018 in Pro Football Talk LineJared Goff

With Wild Card weekend kicking off the NFL playoffs, this was a good time for Dallas Cowboys fans to sit and lament on missing the playoffs. If you watched the games, some of the same things that went through my head may have went through your mind as well. For the last month or so, when the Cowboys were putting together their winning streak... read more→

How Will Gettleman Change the Giants? Published 1/6/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line

The first step in revamping the Giants power structure was made when Dave Gettleman was hired as the Giants new General Manager replacing Jerry Reese. While Gettleman has experience within the Giants organization and as a General Manager for the Carolina Panthers speculation now begins on what moves will be made this offseason. There are three... read more→

Connor Livesay's Two Round 2018 NFL Mock Draft Published 12/29/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineNFL Mock Draft

Cleveland Browns - Josh Rosen - Quarterback - UCLA The Cleveland Brown's continue their rollercoaster ride at quarterback and need to put a stop to it once and for all. Whether it's been Johnny Manziel, Josh McCown, Cody Kessler, or Deshone Kizer, there has been no consistent answer at QB in last few years. Josh Rosen would be the safest... read more→

2017 Week 17 NFC Power Rankings Published 12/29/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineNFC Logo

It's the 2017 Final Week of Power Rankings. This isn't standings. Enjoy our insight into how we think it will all shake out. The NFC Power Ranking will post weekly with regular analyst, authors, and pundits from your favorites team creating individual list that we then add together for the combined (and final)... read more→

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