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GreenBay Game Published 1/14/2017 in SportsTalkLine Fan Posts Author Fan Posts

Don't get complacent and realize that you all play apart in what you have accomplished this year!! Play these last games as if your life depended on it!! I among severial fans are behind you and the coaches that have helped you all to this point!! But ALL in all Win this for yourselves !! I know you all together can do this for you and all use DIE... read more→

A Fans Journey Published 12/5/2015 in SportsTalkLine Fan Posts Author E. Joseph Cormier Cowboys Coaches

  January 16 , 1972 is , the date , I most remember about my favorite NFL football team. One year earlier, almost to the day on January 17, 1971 , they had lost to the Baltimore Colts 16-13 in Super Bowl V. That loss would firmly implant a resolve and determination by the team , from general manager and head coach down to the last player... read more→

Fan Post Published 12/2/2015 in SportsTalkLine Fan Posts Author Fan Posts Fan Posts

Have something to say but you KNOW it's better than a comment on a post? SportsTalkLine.com Fan Posts is for you! If you are seeing this at the top of your teams "Fan Posts" section it's a signal for you to get on board and make YOUR fan posts. Bring... read more→