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Fantasy Football Projections: Green Bay Packers Published 6/21/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Ben Stecker Green Bay Packers Helmet

It begineth with Aaron Rodgers, it endeth with Aaron Rodgers. I'm not sure what page of the Good Book that's written on but I'm 99% sure it's in there. Rodgers is what he is, a Top 5 fantasy QB who defies a shocking lack of weapons and finds ways to put up fantasy winning stats, game by game. This season, he loses Jordy Nelson. Oh wait, that... read more→

Fantasy Football Projections: Denver Broncos Published 6/19/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Ben Stecker Denver Broncos Helmet

Calling the Denver Broncos offense a lacking spot to look for fantasy help the past few seasons might well be an understatement. 2016 and 2017 were far from banner years for a team that once had the Peyton Manning machine churning out fantasy championships like the Shriners tossing out candy at a parade. So what can we expect in 2018? I'm glad... read more→

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