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Fantasy Football Projections: Houston Texans Published 6/25/2018 in Pro Football Talk LineHouston Texans Helmet

Who is Deshaun Watson? Is he a rookie who got hot and then got hurt before the league could adjust, or is he the fantasy league winner that posted jaw-dropping scores for five weeks? Most owners have made up their mind that he's the latter with Watson's ADP as the #4 QB off the board. That's a lot of faith to put into a second year QB coming off a... read more→

McKinney Gets Paid Published 6/23/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line

Benardrick thought he was going to get a fifty million dollar contract and just sneak past me huh? No, no, no. Let's discuss. It's official, the Houston Texans have a new contract for linebacker Benardrick McKinney in the form of five years and 50 million with 21 of that guaranteed. Definitely not a contract to ignore for a former... read more→

Urgency versus Safety: The Texans Concern Published 6/16/2018 in Pro Football Talk LineHouston Texans Helmet

When it comes to sports, hot takes and opinions are always available, but only statistics can hush a crowd. Last season in the NFL during the first of the season, weeks 1-8, there was one player who led the NFL in offensive touchdowns (21), Total QBR (82), and scramble yards (188). Let's call him player X, What if I told you that player was... read more→

When X's and O's take a backseat Published 6/10/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line

On Friday afternoon news broke that Houston Texans safety Andre Hal had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, cancer that attacks the body's white blood cells. From a football standpoint, a team with a leaky secondary last season loses another man, but from a bigger picture, a 26-year-old professional athlete now faces his hardest... read more→

Houston, we REALLY have a problem. Published 6/3/2018 in Pro Football Talk LineHouston Texans Cell Phone

"Five former Houston Texans cheerleaders sue team over low pay, harassment" If this was 2013, it may have been a shocking headline to read, but sadly for me in today's climate, it is not. The power of women's voices and the abusive actions of men have been on large display to everyone over the last year. From the various actors, comedians,... read more→

Texans' 3rd Round Picks Analysis Published 5/4/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line

The Houston Texans had zero draft selections in the first two rounds of this year's draft due to the deal they made last year to acquire Deshaun Watson. Their third round picks were chosen to address specific needs. Justin Reid- Stanford Reid was first-team all Pac 12 during his collegiate career which is an impressive accomplishment.... read more→

Texans' 2018 NFL Draft Reaction Published 4/30/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line

Rumble Texans Rumble! For a team who couldn’t participate in the excitement of the NFL draft’s first and second round, the Houston Texans made up for it with smart late round picks. Houston’s front office understood their needs and addressed all of them. The flashy picks didn’t take control of the Texan’s war room, but the wise ones... read more→

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