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Rams QB Jared Goff Looking Ready for Camp Published 7/25/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Jared Goff

The Los Angeles Rams, and more importantly the Rams faithful are but a few short days away from the end of the long drought. The Rams 2017 Training Camp kicks off the 29th of July at Crawford Field on the UCI Campus in Irvine, California. I will be there. In a way, that means  you will be also and there is a ton to focus on, however one item... read more→

Help For Rams 2017 Season Better Already Be On Roster Published 7/19/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Jared Goff

The Los Angeles Rams 2017 season is best described as one being full of hope. Optimism abounds as Jeff .500 Fisher is now in the rear view mirror and there is still plenty of talent on the team, especially on defense. Coaching changes are huge and a change in coordinators should help on offense, however when you look for upgrades to the team... read more→

NFL, Rams, Players - It's A Business Published 7/7/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Aaron Donald

As fans one tends to look at their favorite NFL team through a specific set of lenses. There is a good chance you've followed your particular team for years. You've been there through the bad times as well as the good and you have therefore invested your sports passion in a most dubious endeavor, the NFL team. Team 1. - a group of players... read more→

2017 Rams Training Camp Practice Schedule Published 6/29/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over UCI Rams Training Camp

The Los Angeles Rams have released their Training Camp Schedule. The 2017 Rams Training Camp is located at UC Irvine Campus (directions below) at the Microsemi Field unless otherwise noted. The team will practice twice with the Chargers. First the team will play host on August 9th at Irvine. Next the Chargers will play host for a practice... read more→

Trumaine Johnson and Rams No Closer to Long Term Deal Published 6/28/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Trumaine Johnson

OTA's are over for the Los Angeles Rams and training camp is just a few weeks down the road. It's (past) time to review team readiness as the organization readies itself for it's second (consecutive) camp in sunny southern California. One of the best players on the Rams vaunted defense (CB Trumaine Johnson) is on his second consecutive... read more→

Rams, Chargers Sharing More Than Stadium Published 6/23/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Los Agneles Stadium

On Thursday the LA Rams and LA Chargers both released their training camp schedules and it seems the teams will get a head start on living and competing with one another in advance of the future date when they both move into their new home stadium. First  up each team will visit the others training facility with the Rams hosting on August 9th... read more→

Rams QB Jared Goff - Act 2 Published 6/17/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Jared Goff

QB Jared Goff was the number one pick in the 2016 NFL Draft for the Los Angeles Rams. He was sacked 26 times in 8 games. That's 3.25 sacks a game to go along with a paltry 136 yards passing (per game) and more interceptions (7) than TD's (5) while tossing in a couple of lost fumbles. Not the results you want from any QB, let alone the number one... read more→

Two Round 2017 NFL Mock Draft Published 4/27/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Kingston Perry nfl mock draft

Round 1 Pick 1, Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M Garrett is hands down the best player in this draft. He has a real chance to be a future franchise cornerstone and a player that could help turn the Browns organization around. With a Von Miller-like build and a clear motivation to succeed in the league, the sky is the... read more→

Recruiting 2017 Intern Sports Writing Positions NOW! Published 4/10/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author SportsTalkLine Sports Writers Attic

The 2017 NFL Season is approaching at breakneck speed. Another season is pumping up their Pro Football offering. Currently looking for interns to write once a week for the following teams. NFL Draft New England Patriots Carolina Panthers New York Giants Chicago Bears New York Jets Dallas... read more→

Patriots Week 13 - STL Conversation w/ Brian Cole Published 12/2/2016 in Pro Football Talk Line Author SportsTalkLine Tom Brady

SportsTalkLine Conversation New England Patriots Weekly The Pats won ugly last week versus the New York Jets and that's ok. When you win 9-16 games a season you have to be able to bring home the victory even when you're not playing your best. They did that. At 8-2 the Patriots are tied with Oakland for the best record in the AFC. Life is... read more→

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