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Pats Preseason Void Of Joint Practices Published 7/17/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole Patriots vs Panthers

For the first time since 2011 (NFL lockout), the New England Patriots will not hold joint practices with a preseason opponent. There seems to be no distinct reason for this decision. The Patriots have held joint practices with both the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles in the past, and Bill Belichick has a good relationship with... read more→

Which AFC East Team Has The Best Chance To Take The Patriots Division Crown? Published 7/14/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole AFC East

Every summer for the past two decades writers in New York, Miami, and Buffalo have flooded the news cycle with stories about how the teams in their respective cities are finally ready to take the division from the Patriots. Inevitably those dreams fall apart by midseason as the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills mediocre performances force them to just... read more→

Countdown to Camp - Houston Texans Published 7/12/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author James Greene Houston Texans Helmet

July 25. The Greenbrier. White Sulphur Springs, W.V. The Texans' rookies and veterans join for the ultimate workplace retreat better known as NFL training camp. It's been a long summer full of questions, theories, hopes, and wishes. What will the newly built offensive line will look like? How will the first round draft picks acclimate? How... read more→

Likely Candidates For Patriots Rookie Of The Year Published 7/11/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole

The New England Patriots compiled a solid crop of rookies during the offseason, many of whom should be able to make an immediate impact when camp opens in just a few weeks. A lot could happen between now and the start of the 2018 regular season (i.e. injuries), but if all goes according to plan then the Patriots most likely candidates for rookie... read more→

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