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Patriots Biggest Threats In The AFC Published 7/22/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Will Norton Steelers vs Patriots

The Patriots start training camp July 27th and there will be a lot to talk about but for now, let's focus on the team's big picture goals.  They are reloaded and looking to win another championship.  First, they gotta make it out of the AFC.  Who in the AFC can be a threat to the Patriots in getting to the Super Bowl? Normally a team with... read more→

Predicting the Patriots 53-Man Roster Published 7/21/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole Tom Brady & Patriots

With less than a week to go until training camp, we're going to have a little fun and try to predict the New England Patriots 53-Man roster. We'll be able to revisit this in just over a month and see how close my prediction was. Considering most of these picks will be no-brainers, I'm aiming for a 47/53 correct. Quarterback Tom Brady, Jimmy... read more→

Patriots Players On Defense To Focus On During Training Camp Published 7/17/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Will Norton Stephon Gilmore

Training camp is approaching and it's starting to feel like football season again for Patriot fans and they're pumped.  That's understandable as most fans are excited about their team's training camp but this season is different. There are contributors top to bottom at receiver and in the backfield, Gronk is back, and all of the new... read more→

Biggest Questions Facing Patriots Heading Into Training Camp Published 7/13/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole Bill Belichick Training Camp

The Patriots had an extremely productive offseason and their roster looks even better than it did last season, just five months after winning the Super Bowl. They are the consensus favorite in the league to return to the Super Bowl next season (as most defending champions are), and on paper have one of their most talented rosters in the 17 years... read more→

Patriot Players On Offense To Focus On During Training Camp Published 7/9/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Will Norton Gronkowski Brady

The excitement and expectations are exceedingly high heading into training camp this season for the Patriots but things are quieting down in terms of news. Everyone in Patriot nation is getting ready for what will be a fun training camp with plenty of quality competition at all positions. I have pinpointed the key player at each position... read more→

Most Important Patriot Players Heading Into 2017 Published 7/1/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Will Norton Julian Edelman

I think we all could agree that the Patriots most important player heading into this year would be Tom Brady by far. However, that would be the case for almost every team in the NFL.  Losing your franchise quarterback is essentially a season-ender.  Just look at the Raider's last season, had a chance to take home-field advantage from the... read more→

Best Patriots Positional Group Is .... Published 6/30/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole Amendola Edelman Gronkowski

NFL Analyst Bucky Brooks and Pats Pulpit writer Rich Hill have each written some interesting articles over the past week regarding the Patriots positional groups, and I'd like to throw my hat into the ring. Brooks names the Patriots' running back group the 10th most feared positional group in the NFL. He makes some great points that I agree... read more→

Patriots Continue to Splurge Signing Former Jets LB David Harris Published 6/24/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Will Norton David Harris

Former Jets linebacker and 10-year NFL veteran David Harris has joined the Patriots and plans to be a key contributor on a championship-caliber defense. Harris is known for his steadfast professionalism, work ethic and dependability throughout his years in New York. He has played all 16 games in all but two of his 10 seasons in the NFL.  The... read more→

The NFL Doesn't Have a Patriots Problem, The Steelers Do Published 6/20/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Will Norton New England Patriots vs the Pittsburg Steelers at Gillette Stadium

The last time a player from the Steelers predicted they were going to defeat the Patriots was back in 2007.  It was defensive back Anthony Smith who boldly predicted a victory which ended up backfiring as it really fired up the likes of Tom Brady and Randy Moss who both felt disrespected by it along with the rest of the team.  They let Smith... read more→

I Got a Really Big Team, They Need Some Really Big Rings Published 6/15/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole

I know what you're thinking. "Did he really write an entire post on the Patriots Super Bowl rings?" The answer is simple: yes, yes I most certainly did. These are not just any Super Bowl rings. They're the largest in NFL history, with an average of 283 diamonds and an individual value of nearly $40,000. They are a product of the greatest... read more→

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