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3 Important Questions for the Eli Memorabilia Lawsuit Published 4/23/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Tom McAlister Eli Manning Memorabilia

Eli Manning has been criticized for his play on the field but in the recent weeks, Manning’s character has come into question. The reason for this is Eli is being sued by sports collector Eric Inselberg because Inselberg believes that Eli was fraudulently selling game-worn memorabilia. In other words, Manning was selling memorabilia that was not... read more→

2017 Draft Trifectas for the NY Giants Published 4/17/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Tom McAlister Garett Bolles

The NFL Draft is quickly approaching and the New York Giants are going to try to fill voids on their roster to turn the Giants into a championship contender. With Johnathan Hankins signing with the Indianapolis Colts Big Blue now has a need at defense tackle along with offensive tackle and tight-end entering 2017. There is also speculation that... read more→

NYG 2017 Offseason Part II - STL Conversation w/ Tom McAlister Published 4/14/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over New York Giants Helmet Football

SportsTalkLine Conversation New York Giants 2017 Offseason - Part II The offseason for a NFL franchise is anything but a vacation. Dealing with your own free agents is the first order of the day. Questions abound. Who to make qualifying offers with or make substantial investments in. Or perhaps there's a player you are certain you can't afford... read more→

Draft Can Show Giants’ Opinion on McAdoo Published 4/11/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Tom McAlister Ben McAdoo

With the NFL Draft quickly approaching there are three outstanding needs on the roster. The first two are needed immediately and that is help at offensive tackle and tight end. If the Giants spend a high draft pick on either position that tight end or tackle will be immediately pressed into service. The third need is more complex as the Giants are... read more→

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