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Giants Should Avoid High Priced Free Agents Published 2/20/2017 in Pro Football TalkLine Author Tom McAlister Adrian Peterson

The Super Bowl has happened, the victory parade has occurred and now it is time for all 32 NFL franchises to start preparing for the 2017 season. That preparation will involve determining who should be let go on the current team, evaluating rookies, and trying to lure in the right free agents. Each of the 32 NFL team will have a different severity... read more→

NYG 2017 Offseason Part I - STL Conversation w/ Tom McAlister Published 2/20/2017 in Pro Football TalkLine Author Steven Van Over New York Giants Helmet Football

SportsTalkLine Conversation New York Giants 2017 Offseason - Part I The offseason for a NFL franchise is anything but a vacation. Dealing with your own free agents is the first order of the day. Questions abound. Who to make qualifying offers with or make substantial investments in. Or perhaps there's a player you are certain you can't afford... read more→

Super Bowl Outcome Enhanced Tom Coughlin’s Legacy Published 2/13/2017 in Pro Football TalkLine Author Tom McAlister Tom Coughlin

In Tom Coughlin’s last three seasons as New York Giants head coach, Big Blue was a disappointment as the team combined for a 19-29 record and missed the playoffs in all three of those seasons. At the end of the 2015, Coughlin was no longer the head coach of the Giants yet Coughlin tenure did have bright spots. Particularly the two Super Bowl... read more→

The Fatal Flaw in the Patriots Legacy Published 2/6/2017 in Pro Football TalkLine Author Tom McAlister Vince Lombardy Trophy

Since the turn of the 21st century, the New England Patriots have been the most prolific and dominant franchise in the NFL.  Bill Belichick, who was once fired by the Cleveland Browns as head coach, has become the most well respected and winningest coach in the last 16 years in the NFL. Tom Brady who started his career as a 6th round draft pick... read more→

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Fan Post Published 12/2/2015 in SportsTalkLine Fan PostsFan Posts

Have something to say but you KNOW it's better than a comment on a post? Fan Posts is for you! If you are seeing this at the top of your teams "Fan Posts" section it's a signal for you to get on board and make YOUR fan posts. Bring... read more→