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The Denver Broncos Have Fallen Victim to the Injury Bug Published 10/20/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author John Gillon

Denver, Colo. –  If you didn’t know already, the injury bug is highly contagious. The latest NFL team to fall victim is the Denver Broncos. Last Sunday, Denver played host to the battered, bruised, and dismayed New York Football Giants.  The GMen entered the contest 0-5. The abysmal record, however, was not the most concerning detail... read more→

2017 NFL NY Giants Week 7 w/Tom McAlister Published 10/19/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Helmet Phone Giants

2017 New York Giants Week 7 1 Down - 10 to Go It looked like Giants football. Tough defense. A running game on offense sprinkled lightly with a few big plays and overall excellent execution. It looked like giants football. Hallelujah ! The win was great but it created as many questions as it answered. Is the team better without certain... read more→

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