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The Summer of Sam Begins Well, Jets Demolish Falcons Published 8/12/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Hobbes

Yes, I said don't read too much into what you see on the field.   I was wrong.  Sort of. It is still Week 1 of the preseason, But when was the last time we could use the word Demolish, in describing a NY Jets victory? First some housekeeping. Let's give a hat tip to the kid, @DhaSickest , Darius Guice, get well soon. Guice had his season... read more→

Crowded Skies - The Summer of Sam Heats Up - Jets Falcons Published 8/9/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Hobbes

So, here we are. The action is upon us, so let me start with a preliminary observation.  It's week one of the pre-season, so don't read too much into what you see on the field, but read into what you see on the sidelines. On the sideline, you'll see a franchise QB (though tbh, I've never been a big fan) and a roster whose holes exist buried in... read more→

Jets Summer of Sam - A Little Clarity Published 8/1/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Hobbes

An Update to my previous article, since the NY Media, that has you know, actual access to the team fails to actually report, I am forced to do double duty. So, flashback to 2016, Joey Bosa 3rd Overall, Like the .14 Caliber Killer, refused to sign, and reflecting, we gain some clarity. In the CBA, the team has a fifth-year option for a first... read more→

Mickey Macc and The Summer of Sam Published 7/31/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Hobbes

"Hello from the gutters of #NYJets fandom,  which are filled with dog manure, vomit, stale beer, urine and blood" (D.B., paraphrased for the occasion) F*** me. ....Seriously, no lube. I'm a Jets fan. So, it is now reported that the Duh'Arnold holdout is not over offsets, (which would be absolutely retarded, because there is no way he gets... read more→

Sam Darnold's Jets Career on Hold With Contract Snafu Published 7/30/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author John Fennelly

New York Jet fans wonder when it (the pain) is finally going to end. They haven't been to the Super Bowl since after the 1968 season and have been clamoring for some type of hope ever since. This past April, they may have had their prayers answered when USC QB Sam Darnold tumbled into their lap in the NFL Draft. He is the highest-rated QB prospect... read more→

Mickey Macc Club, Oh, Tannenbaum, and Why We Fail Published 7/29/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Hobbes

So, Here we are again. Last Saturday, I went to a most beautiful wedding. I mean, Simply Amazing. I had met the bride, once. She is a Friend of a friend. So she made Kate Middleton look like a skank trolling Sullivant (My Buckeye folks will get that). But, the Couple was simply amazing. And Kayleigh, who loaned me the pen to begin writing this... read more→

Jets Mickey Macc Club Published 7/24/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Hobbes

It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes. It may even lie on the surface; but we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions  Solzhenitsyn It's time we addressed the longest term deficiency keeping this team from success, the... read more→

Future Hall-of-Famer Darrelle Revis Announces Retirement Published 7/19/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole Darrelle Revis

After 11 seasons, Revis Island is officially closed for business. On Wednesday Darrelle Revis announced his retirement after 11 seasons in the NFL. The future Hall of Famer played eight seasons with the New York Jets, one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, one with the New England Patriots, and one with the Kansas City Chiefs. Revis finished his... read more→

Fantasy Football Projections: New York Jets Published 7/14/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Ben Stecker New York Jets Helmet

The ageless wonder of Josh McCown is back at the helm to start the season for the Jets after resurrecting his career from the grave in 2017. Thirty-eight years old and a resume that would make Rex Grossman look good were the tools that McCown brought to the table last year and then proceeded to rip off 2900 yards, 18 TD and only 9 INT in 13... read more→

Which AFC East Team Has The Best Chance To Take The Patriots Division Crown? Published 7/14/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole AFC East

Every summer for the past two decades writers in New York, Miami, and Buffalo have flooded the news cycle with stories about how the teams in their respective cities are finally ready to take the division from the Patriots. Inevitably those dreams fall apart by midseason as the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills mediocre performances force them to just... read more→

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