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LB Reuben Foster Guilty Till Proven Innocent - Welcome To The NFL Published 4/21/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Reuben Foster

Each NFL Draft season there will be a few players who go through the process and watch (literally) millions of dollars slip through their fingers as their draft stock plummets on draft day due to the brutal, impersonal backroom nature of the NFL Draft itself. In 2015 projected top ten pick OT La'el Collins ended up going undrafted after murder investigations rumors surfaced two days before the draft. In 2016 OT and bong aficionado Laremy Tunsil received an education on the NFL Draft, social media and proper bong technique. This season LB Reuben Foster is getting the treatment. To be clear, the difference between being a top five pick and going several selections or even rounds later is millions of dollars for a player that can never be recouped. In the current CBA the funds for players is clearly allotted/slotted and the numbers are fairly fixed. It's a floating figure based on available money for each team yet it's a carefully crafted formula that yields predictable results. To illustrate the difference a drop of a few selections results in look at a few key 2016 contract... read more→

Jabrill Peppers NFL Draft Profile Published 4/20/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Jabrill Peppers

Jabrill Peppers - Safety - Michigan DOB - Oct 4th 1995 Height - 5'11" Weight - 213 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Putting an old-school thumper in a freakishly athletic body is always a good thing. Enter Jabrill Peppers. Big hitter. Takes excellent angles. Relishes contact. Incredible burst to the ball. Total body control. Explosive. Excellent tackler. Will sacrifice his body to make a play. Electric kick return skills. Physical in coverage. Good blitz instincts. Excellent in the box. Childhood fan of Hall of Fame DB Charles Woodson (never a bad thing). Loves the game. Weaknesses: Production. Detection skills. Ability to diagnose play in real time. Will use his physicality to cover up bad technique in coverage leading to flags. Not a natural deep safety. Indecisive until the ball is in the air. Giphy: Pro Comparison: Tyrann Mathieu Overall Review: Considering his off the charts athletic ability scouts are mystified at his lack of turnover production in college (1... read more→

2017 Draft Trifectas for the NY Giants Published 4/17/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Tom McAlister Garett Bolles

The NFL Draft is quickly approaching and the New York Giants are going to try to fill voids on their roster to turn the Giants into a championship contender. With Johnathan Hankins signing with the Indianapolis Colts Big Blue now has a need at defense tackle along with offensive tackle and tight-end entering 2017. There is also speculation that the G-men could take a quarterback in the early rounds to have Eli Manning’s heir ready to go when Eli walks away from the game. These are projections to fill the Giants need who have the 23rd pick in the 1st round, 55th in the 2nd round and 87th in the 3rd round Round 1: Garett Bolles, Offensive Tackle, Utah Round 2: Caleb Brantley, Defensive Tackle, Florida Round 3: Jake Butt, Tight-End, Michigan Drafting a tackle in the first round is nothing new for the Giants as in 2015 Ereck Flowers was the G-Men’s first pick. Yet because of Flowers ineffective play in 2016 many are calling for Flowers to move to Right Tackle. In this scenario, Bolles will come in and play Left Tackle as Flowers is moved to Right Tackle. Brantley will also... read more→

An NFL Draft Bird Told Me .... Published 4/15/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over NFL Draft Twitter

Ahhh, the season of twisted tongues. Deceit, deception, dishonesty, distortion, falsehood, misrepresentation, detraction, falseness and prevarication are all excellent descriptors of the NFL Draft season. Or as grandpa would say .... "a bucket of horse-hooyey." Agent whispers, unnamed executives, off-the-record front office personnel, unknown former coaches and the obligatory "anonymous sources" all have inside player  information and seem more than willing to share it. Unlike the last job interview you attended in this cattle-call you have proxies for your competition in full disinformation mode side by side with proxies for teams trying either to increase their chance at a talent they "might" select or obfuscate their true intentions no matter the cost to some unknown collegiate athlete. It's dog-eat-dog and if you think the top of the draft is all figured out, you haven't been paying attention. Though the thick haze of NFL Draft misinformation player profiles begin to crystallize however. Let's take a look at a few players whose talent is beginning to push the fog to the... read more→

NYG 2017 Offseason Part II - STL Conversation w/ Tom McAlister Published 4/14/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over New York Giants Helmet Football

SportsTalkLine Conversation New York Giants 2017 Offseason - Part II The offseason for a NFL franchise is anything but a vacation. Dealing with your own free agents is the first order of the day. Questions abound. Who to make qualifying offers with or make substantial investments in. Or perhaps there's a player you are certain you can't afford or hasn't worked out so you let them walk and hope for a decent compensation pick in next years draft. There's a ton of decisions being made right now and we haven't even got to the sexy part of the offseason. After dealing with your own free agents every team gets a stab at the free agent pool. Then we have the combine, the NFL draft and the inevitable offseason shuffle where players get moved to new positions due to scheme, injury or talent acquisition. It's a busy time. New York Giants analyst Tom McAlister has the insight, answers and helps refine the unanswerable as he and host Steven Van Over give the GMen the entire treatment. Every position group, major free agent decision and roster shuffle is looked at in detail. You... read more→

Draft Can Show Giants’ Opinion on McAdoo Published 4/11/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Tom McAlister Ben McAdoo

With the NFL Draft quickly approaching there are three outstanding needs on the roster. The first two are needed immediately and that is help at offensive tackle and tight end. If the Giants spend a high draft pick on either position that tight end or tackle will be immediately pressed into service. The third need is more complex as the Giants are trying to look for the heir to Eli Manning at quarterback. To place this move in perspective the last starting quarterback for the Giants before Eli Manning was Kurt Warner. And since the preseason of 2005 Eli has been the Giants number one quarterback and that will not change coming into 2017. If the Giants do draft a quarterback in the 1st or 2nd round that quarterback will be on clipboard duty until Manning decides to walk away from the game. And that quarterback will most likely be the signal caller in 2019 when Eli’s contract expires. While many would think that selecting a quarterback says a lot about Eli Manning the actual selection of a quarterback will show the Giants want to keep Ben McAdoo as head coach until Eli’s... read more→

Recruiting 2017 Intern Sports Writing Positions NOW! Published 4/10/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author SportsTalkLine Sports Writers Attic

The 2017 NFL Season is approaching at breakneck speed. Another season is pumping up their Pro Football offering. Currently looking for interns to write once a week for the following teams. NFL Draft New England Patriots Carolina Panthers New York Giants Chicago Bears New York Jets Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles Denver Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Chargers Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Rams 24 other NFL Teams Last a full season producing on time, quality writing and slide into a regular author's gig next year. What are you waiting for?!?! Click here  then choose "Become a Contributor" on the contact page. Tell us a bit about yourself. We will get right back with you. We will probably have a few questions and (of course) a sample writing request. Time to represent your... read more→

Connor Livesay's Top 75 NFL Draft Big Board Show Published 4/9/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay NFL Big Board 2017

Inching closer and closer to what I like to call football Christmas I have finally got around to releasing my top 75 prospects for the 2017 NFL Draft. I form my opinions based solely on the tape that I have watched of these players, combine results, and off the field issues. I will say it now, I look very little into combine results. Yes they could bump a guy up a couple of spots but I usually do not move guys up/down a full round for either blowing up or having a disastrous combine. Here it is, my Top 75 Big Board for the 2017 NFL Draft. [supsystic-tables... read more→

Kevin King - Defensive Back - Washington NFL Draft Profile Published 4/6/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay Kevin King

Kevin King - CB/S - Washington DOB - N/A Height - 6'3" Weight - 200 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Not sure you'll find a cornerback with the length Kevin King possess. Standing at 6'3" and having 32" long arms King is a tall player that uses his length to his advantage. Allowed just one touchdown over last 101 targets. Played corner, slot corner, and safety at the University of Washington so that position flexibility will intrigue most teams. Has some of the better ball skills I have seen from any corner in this years draft and good hands to go with them. Good in shadowing receivers in coverage while being able to play off and make a play on the ball. Weaknesses: For as big as a player King is he is not physical at all. Retreats from blockers and has struggled in making tackles in the open field. His combine numbers were fantastic but doesn't play as explosive as those numbers say. Needs to build up strength in his upper body. Glyphy: Pro Comparison: Sean Smith - Las Vegas Raiders - Cornerback Overall Review: Has the ideal size you want in a... read more→

T.J. Watt NFL Draft Profile Published 4/5/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over TJ Watt

T.J. Watt - Defensive End - Wisconsin DOB - Oct 11 1994 Height - 6'4" Weight - 252 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Motor. Vision. Instincts. Strong. Quick. Nimble. Athletic. Sudden. Disruptive. Blue collar work-ethic. Push-pull move that uses his incredibly strong hands and core as his go-to. Moves east west with purpose as he quickly diagnoses flow and can weave through trash to close on his target. Excellent ability to shed blockers. Plays run and pass with equal enthusiasm and impact. Great hand game. 11 sacks in the Big Ten. Weaknesses: One year of production as an edge rusher after bouncing around at several positions through college. Like his brothers does not posses that elite first step or blinding quickness. Has to use technique and effort to get pressure. Sacks come when a play is not immediately open. QB has to hold the ball for a half beat. Glyphy: Pro Comparison: OLB/DE Brian Orakpo Overall Review: Unlike his older brother, T.J. lacks the ideal... read more→

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