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2017 NFL Draft Talk w/ #NYG DE Avery Moss Published 5/13/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author SportsTalkLine Avery Moss

SportsTalkLine NFL Draft Talk NFL Draft 2017 - Giants DE Avery Moss Youngstown State DE Avery Moss became a New York Giant in the 23rd pick of the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Connor talked with Avery before they draft where they covered the entire NFL interview process from the last collegiate game through the combine. But that's over. Now Moss is a GMan and it's a whole new world. Moss is indeed an easy listen as he shows off his high football IQ, awareness of the game, Giants history, his passion for football and his honest spirituality. Avery is indeed excited about the scheme he is going into and how his skill set will fit. From Michael Strahan to Jason Pierre-Paul Moss is fully aware of the Giants historical ability to get great defensive line play and he is ready to pick that mantle up and run with it. From a strong family background that taught him values that drive him today Avery is a solid 265 lbs and ready to let his moves and his motor be on display for the Giants for years to come. STL NFL Draft Talk with DE Avery Moss SportsTalkLine... read more→

Jourdan Lewis - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 5/4/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay Jourdan Lewis

Jourdan Lewis - Cornerback - Michigan DOB - AUG 31 1995 Height - 5'10" Weight - 188 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: An annoying player to play against. Consistently plays tight coverage and lets you know he's there by keeping his hands on you. Allowed only 7 catches in 2016. Physical player for his size and plays a lot more athletic than his combine numbers say. Contributed in all four of his years at Michigan. Got his hands on a lot of footballs for not having ideal size or length. Loves to stick his nose in run support. Has very fluid footwork and hips that allow him to flip his hips with ease. Ball skills are there to make time interceptions. Weaknesses: The current Domestic Violence charge is Jourdan Lewis's biggest issue. He was a top 30 player on my board and a good shot at going in the 1st round before the incident. Lewis does not have ideal size to hold up against bigger receivers on the boundary. I have a hard time seeing him as anything more than a slot cornerback. Giphy: Pro Comparison: Chris Harris Jr. Overall Review: Very sticky... read more→

Chidobe Awuzie - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 5/2/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay

Chidobe Awuzie - Defensive Back - Colorado DOB - MAY 21 1995 Height - 6'0" Weight - 202 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Plays the game with great technique. Anywhere from his footwork to his jams at the line of scrimmage he does it all using great technique. Plays with clean feet, allowing him to back pedal with ease, change direction with ease, and drive on the football with ease. Has shutdown some very good Wide Receivers at Colorado. His versatility may be his best friend in the NFL. Instincts and football intelligence are there. Awuzie played some Safety along with his ability to play in the slot will be huge when NFL teams evaluate him. Very good blitzer out of the slot had 7 sacks over the last two years at Colorado. Four down player, can play the boundary, the nickle, and was productive as a gunner on special teams. Weaknesses: Isn't the fastest player and is on the smaller size of the height and weight scale. Doesn't mind tackling but could improve in that department. Would expect him to be a better athlete for his size. His great instincts... read more→

Taco Charlton NFL Draft Profile Published 4/28/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Taco Charlton

Taco Charlton- Defensive End - Michigan DOB - November 7th, 1994 Height - 6'6" Weight - 277 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: The metrics jump out at you. @TheSupremeTaco  (his Twitter handle) has length, power and a nose for the sack (9.5 sacks in 2016). Taco uses his long arms (34 1/4") and strong hands to get a good punch on defenders as he works to the QB. He has more than one technique to bring on game day. Works a bull rush with a nice rip and has a spin move that a guy of his size isn't supposed to be able to do. It's raw, but he's obviously able to work the skill into his game. Weaknesses: He does not have an Elite first step. "Potential" has been the buzzword for Charlton from day one at Michigan and it raises an eyebrow that it took till his senior year to get his groove on. Intensity lacking at times. Needs to get stronger. One year of superior production. That's an issue. Giphy: via GIPHY Pro Comparison: Chris Long Overall Review: Work. That is how Charlton gets to the QB. Lacking that elite first step he uses persistence,... read more→

Corey Davis - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 4/28/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay

Corey Davis - Wide Receiver - Western Michigan DOB - JAN 11 1995 Height - 6'3" Weight - 209 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Already has NFL ready size. 6'3" 209lbs and uses it to his advantage to shield defensive backs away from him. Not necessarily fast but plays very quick. Strong hands and long arms consistently snatches balls away from defenders. Dominated competition at Western Michigan. Body catches at the right time. Willing blocker who looks for work instead of watching the play develop. Can get open deep, middle of the field, or underneath. Was a reception monster at Western Michigan and didn't drop man of his targets. Red zone threat that knows how to high point a football with ease. Bad ball catcher who adjusts extremely well to poorly thrown balls. Yards after catch were great. Weaknesses: Level of competition and the fact he has been injured and unable to do anything since the end of his college career worries me. Good route runner but can get lazy at times when setting defenders up. The drops he did have were more so from not being... read more→

Jamal Adams - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 4/28/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay

Jamal Adams - Strong Safety - LSU DOB - OCT 17 1995 Height - 6'0" Weight - 214 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Couldn't dream of a player with more leadership qualities. High character guy with tons of potential. Great size for a Strong Safety and shows it in his ability to knock you out when you come across the middle. Great run defender that will excel as a box safety in the NFL. Very physical in coverage and had five interceptions over the last two seasons. Didn't have a single penalty in 2016 which is one of my favorite stats for a player. Weaknesses: Trust him more against Tight Ends more so than twitchier Wide Receivers. Not sure I trust him quite yet being a free safety. Doesn't have the range or athletic ability to be alone in the back end of a defense. Will be overly aggressive in run support and coverage. Had chances at more interceptions but struggled with drops. Pro Comparison: Landon Collins Overall Review: Love him as a box safety covering tight ends and being a difference maker as a run defender. The definition of a true leader... read more→

Marshon Lattimore - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 4/28/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay

Marshon Lattimore - Cornerback - Ohio State DOB - MAY 19 1996 Height - 6'0" Weight - 193 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Very sticky player that doesn't give opposing receivers much room to work with. As athletic as they come and proved that at the Combine. Physical at the line of scrimmage and has the speed and physicality to stay tight in coverage across the field or vertical. Very clean footwork with very fluid hips. Recovery speed is impressive and has good ball skills. Instincts are there and rarely guesses wrong. Good tackler in the backfield and does so with good technique. Weaknesses: Only a one year starter and has some soft tissue injuries that haven't treated him kindly. Instincts hurt him sometimes where he'll guess a receiver's route before he runs it and has gotten burned on that on occasion. Pro Comparison: Vontae Davis Overall Review: Great in coverage and plays the run good for a guy that isn't the biggest dude on the field. Very smart football player that doesn't mind getting his nose dirty in run support. Athletic ability and... read more→

Joe Mixon - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 4/28/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon - Running Back - Oklahoma DOB - July 24 1996 Height - 6'1" Weight - 226 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Dangerous at all levels of the field. Can make you miss in the backfield, will make you miss in the second level, and God bless you if you're one on one with him in the secondary. Footwork is Leveon Bell like and he is powerful as well. Can catch the ball with ease out of the backfield and has the patience and vision in the open field to let blocks/plays develop. Runs routes just as good as any Wide Receiver entering the draft. Can run inside or outside, catch the ball out of the backfield, and block as well. A true three down back. Weaknesses: Joe Mixon's biggest weakness is his off the field issues that are going to make him fall in this draft. The video that was released a few years ago will cost him big time. His excellent patience can hurt him at times sometimes waits for something bigger to happen when he has plenty of room in front of him. Likes to dance at the hole instead of hit it and go. Pro Comparison: Leveon Bell Overall... read more→

Jonathan Allen - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 4/27/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen - Defensive Tackle - Alabama DOB - JAN 16 1995 Height - 6'3" Weight - 286 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Plays with a ridiculous amount of strength. More explosive than combine numbers show. Can play inside or outside but put him close to the ball and let him flourish. A force getting after the Quarterback and even better against the run. High motor and squeaky clean off the field. May have the best hand technique out of any defensive lineman in the draft and knows how to use his upper body strength to get blockers off balance. NFL ready body and mind. Leader of the Alabama team. Weaknesses: Wish he was a little bit bigger to hold up with less questions inside. Has a lingering shoulder injury that are causing some teams to really do their due diligence. Lacks ideal length and isn't the quickest guy on the field. Pro Comparison: Aaron Donald Overall Review: Reminds of a lot of Fletcher Cox mixed with some Aaron Donald. If he adds a few pounds and that shoulder injury checks out he could very well be one of the top interior... read more→

Malik Hooker - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 4/27/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay Hooker

Malik Hooker - Free Safety - Ohio State DOB - Apr 01 1996 Height - 6'1" Weight - 206 lbs Ed Note: Hooker did not participate at the NFL Combine Strengths: True NFL center fielder. Range and ball skills are ridiculous for only a one year starter. Plays with great instincts and even better vision on the field. Interception machine that isn't afraid to get his nose dirty in on tackles. Great size and length for a Free Safety. When he gets his hands on the football he finishes the play with a turnover. Weaknesses: Only a one year starter and has a injury that has kept him out of all offseason programs. Still very raw and learning the position. Slower than you'd like but makes up for it with his instincts. Can be to aggressive in his pursuit to the football. Would rather duck his head and throw himself at ball carriers rather than wrap up. Pro Comparison: Comparing a player this raw to Ed Reed sounds ridiculous, but, Ed Reed. Overall Review: Very raw, but so many "wow" plays. Has top notch range, elite ball skills, and NFL Wide Receiver like hands. True center... read more→

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