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Jabrill Peppers NFL Draft Profile Published 4/20/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Jabrill Peppers

Jabrill Peppers - Safety - Michigan DOB - Oct 4th 1995 Height - 5'11" Weight - 213 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Putting an old-school thumper in a freakishly athletic body is always a good thing. Enter Jabrill Peppers. Big hitter. Takes excellent angles. Relishes contact. Incredible burst to the ball. Total body control. Explosive. Excellent tackler. Will sacrifice his body to make a play. Electric kick return skills. Physical in coverage. Good blitz instincts. Excellent in the box. Childhood fan of Hall of Fame DB Charles Woodson (never a bad thing). Loves the game. Weaknesses: Production. Detection skills. Ability to diagnose play in real time. Will use his physicality to cover up bad technique in coverage leading to flags. Not a natural deep safety. Indecisive until the ball is in the air. Giphy: Pro Comparison: Tyrann Mathieu Overall Review: Considering his off the charts athletic ability scouts are mystified at his lack of turnover production in college (1... read more→

Kevin King - Defensive Back - Washington NFL Draft Profile Published 4/6/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay Kevin King

Kevin King - CB/S - Washington DOB - N/A Height - 6'3" Weight - 200 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Not sure you'll find a cornerback with the length Kevin King possess. Standing at 6'3" and having 32" long arms King is a tall player that uses his length to his advantage. Allowed just one touchdown over last 101 targets. Played corner, slot corner, and safety at the University of Washington so that position flexibility will intrigue most teams. Has some of the better ball skills I have seen from any corner in this years draft and good hands to go with them. Good in shadowing receivers in coverage while being able to play off and make a play on the ball. Weaknesses: For as big as a player King is he is not physical at all. Retreats from blockers and has struggled in making tackles in the open field. His combine numbers were fantastic but doesn't play as explosive as those numbers say. Needs to build up strength in his upper body. Glyphy: Pro Comparison: Sean Smith - Las Vegas Raiders - Cornerback Overall Review: Has the ideal size you want in a... read more→

T.J. Watt NFL Draft Profile Published 4/5/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over TJ Watt

T.J. Watt - Defensive End - Wisconsin DOB - Oct 11 1994 Height - 6'4" Weight - 252 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Motor. Vision. Instincts. Strong. Quick. Nimble. Athletic. Sudden. Disruptive. Blue collar work-ethic. Push-pull move that uses his incredibly strong hands and core as his go-to. Moves east west with purpose as he quickly diagnoses flow and can weave through trash to close on his target. Excellent ability to shed blockers. Plays run and pass with equal enthusiasm and impact. Great hand game. 11 sacks in the Big Ten. Weaknesses: One year of production as an edge rusher after bouncing around at several positions through college. Like his brothers does not posses that elite first step or blinding quickness. Has to use technique and effort to get pressure. Sacks come when a play is not immediately open. QB has to hold the ball for a half beat. Glyphy: Pro Comparison: OLB/DE Brian Orakpo Overall Review: Unlike his older brother, T.J. lacks the ideal... read more→

Vincent Taylor NFL Draft Profile Published 4/4/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay Vincent Taylor

Vincent Taylor - Defensive Tackle - Oklahoma State DOB - JAN 04 1994 Height - 6'3" Weight - 305 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Top notch strength and surprising speed for a big man. Even when he is not getting the sack or tackle for loss he is a pocket perpetrator. Strong first punch at point of attack consistently knocking offensive lineman back. Consistently shows the ability to beat pulling guards or tackles to his spot to blow up plays in the backfield. Has a nice spin move he can win with as a counter move. Long arms and strong hands are shown in his game tape. Led the nation in blocked field goals. Motor doesn't run out of gas and he stayed healthy his entire College career. Had very impressive production at Oklahoma State in his three years their ( 12 sacks, 23.0 tackles for loss, 112 tackles). Weaknesses: Big upper body, but not as big in his lower half. Can play to tall at time. Needs to improve in the leverage aspect of the game. Needs to develop better technique with his hands as a pass rusher. Can get turned in the run game when... read more→

Ryan Ramczyk NFL Draft Profile Published 4/1/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Ryan Ramczyk

Ryan Ramczyk - Offensive Tackle - Wisconsin, Big Ten DOB - 1994 Height - 6'6" Weight - 310 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Athletic. Smart. Decisive. Student. Knows the game. Dedicated technician who understands how to apply and possesses the needed discipline in order to excel. Has NFL frame at 310 lbs and 6'6". Learned his craft at Wisconsin in the Big 10 which is to linemen what USC is to running backs and Penn State is to linebackers. Already has natural strength yet is still maturing. He will get stronger. Understands which techniques to use in which situation. Has the expertise to employ them. Can anchor in pass blocking and keeps his frame in excellent position. Gets to the second level in the run game. Excellent drive blocker. Handles stunts and twist. Understands how to pass off his man. Can find and engage his assignment on the move. Weaknesses: His arms could be longer. Just a wee bit on the short side. This could very well relegate Ryan to the right side where his skill set would be best utilized. Can get shocked by rangy ends who can... read more→

Budda Baker NFL Draft Profile Published 3/26/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Budda Baker

Budda Baker - Safety - Washington State, PAC-12 DOB - Jan 10 1996 Height - 5'10" Weight - 195 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: It helps to have pedigree. Budda Baker has a long sheet and it's impressive. High School 100 Meter Champion. Three time state football champion. Honorable mention All-PAC 12 as a true freshman with 80 tackles, INT and 6 pass breakups. First team all-conference honors in 2015 and 2016. Aggressive, smooth, instinctive, passionate, hungry, excited, focused. These are the verbs one would reach for to describe Baker's game. He is smooth, decisive and has a nose for the play. He quickly diagnoses flow and is able to weave through traffic to the point of attack. Tremendous ability to accelerate to the ball once the play is committed. Solid tackler and plus thumper when hitting. A football player. Weaknesses: Size. 195 soaking wet Baker will have to "man-up" at the next level. An aggressive player who enjoys contact his mind is writing checks his body may not be able to cash at the next level. Pass-catching TE's are not in... read more→

Charles Harris NFL Draft Profile Published 3/25/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay Charles Harris

Charles Harris - Defensive End - Missouri Tigers, SEC DOB - 1995 Height - 6'3" Weight -  253 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Length, quickness and power. Harris is able to combine the three and give pass protectors fits. If that doesn't work he has a nasty spin move he can unleash on you. Great first step, has the flexibility to bend and the balance to keep moving when his body is horizontal to the turf. Has a great push, pull where he uses his speed to power conversion on blockers. Fantastic motor. The man is a born pass rusher. Weaknesses: The run game. Doesn't use his hands enough, gets wrapped up. Once a blocker gets his hands on him he has issues disengaging. Lacks an elite level punch. Though he excels at one-gaping he struggles sometimes with his read/react responsibilities in the running game. Glyphy: Harris's skill set is on full display here. Explosion off the ball, ability to bend and finish all in one play. Beautiful. Pro Comparison: Cliff Avril Overall Review: I am a big fan... read more→

Fabian Moreau NFL Draft Profile Published 3/24/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Connor Livesay Fabian Moreau

Fabian Moreau - Cornerback - UCLA Date Of Birth: April 9th 1994 Height - 6'0" Weight - 206 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Sophomore honorable mention All-Pac-12 with 51 tackles Moreau had 10 pass breakups in 2016 after missing all but three games in 2015 due to a lisfranc injury to his left foot. Converted to DB from running back as a freshman he has the thick frame and ball skills of his former position. Fluid athlete with the ability to burst laterally. Quick feet and excellent long speed for those times he has to catch up to a receiver. Has the size, speed and upper body strength to matchup with bigger NFL receivers. Weaknesses: Press cover is his game. Other than some cover-3 he hasn't been asked to do much else. The good news is he's very good at it. The bad news is he's limited by scheme. He "should" be able to pick up zone nuances, but having to do so will impact his production at the next level as it takes time to pick up this skill set. Doesn't fully use his natural size/strength advantage. Still learning the... read more→

Curtis Samuel NFL Draft Profile Published 3/18/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Curtis Samuel

Curtis Samuel - Running Back/Wide Receiver/Returner - Ohio State, Big Ten DOB - August 11, 1996 Height - 5'11" Weight - 196 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Quick, fast, versatile, all-purpose threat with intense desire, a great motor and incredible vision. 128.8 all purpose yards a game and 15 touchdowns last season for Ohio State. Stop on a dime and give you nine cents change. Makes you look foolish in space but still has the smooth speed that gets a player open deep. Understands patterns and how they work. Explosive out of his break. Yards after the catch nightmare. Shows the nimble feet to take a double move over the top or break it back sharply on the comeback route. Matchup nirvana. Weaknesses: Scheme didn't ask him to block. Press coverage can frustrate him. Fights the ball in the air. Body catches too often. Wasn't used in downfield routes nearly as often as NFL teams would have liked to see. a bit lite for a RB and a bit short for an outside WR. Pro Comparison: Reggie Bush is his ceiling, Keith Marshall is his floor. Overall... read more→

Obi Melifonwu NFL Draft Profile Published 3/15/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Obi Melifonwu

Obi Melifonwu - Safety - Connecticut AAC DOB - 05 Apr 1994 Height - 6'4 Weight - 224 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: You can't teach size nor speed. Melifonwu has them both. A four year starter at Connecticut Obi has improved each year. A downhill, inside the box, tackling machine the talented safety is no slouch when it comes to ball hawking either tabbing six interceptions over the last two years. Having experience at CB is never a bad thing and Obi uses his size and wing span to deny tight ends up the seam. A thumper who sees the game in front of him very well. Weaknesses: Not a natural cornerback. Plays best with the game in front of him. Though he has the speed doesn't take the best angles when the play moves behind him which allows deep balls up the sideline to get away from him. Conversely he takes excellent angles when he is closing in front. Has better run-thumper instincts than pass coverage skills. Gets caught thinking in the passing game. Plays slower than his timed speed. Pro Comparison: Kam Chancellor Overall Review: The Seattle... read more→

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