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Why Chargers Have A Lot To Cheer About This Offseason Published 6/14/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineChargers Cheerleaders

Unlike (recent) seasons past, the Los Angeles Chargers and their fans have a lot to cheer about this off season. The reasons begin, but thankfully don't end with last years NFL Draft first round selection DE Joey Bosa. Let's cut to the chase. You want your first round draft pick to be a difference maker. Check. When you pick near the top of the... read more→

How Giants Draft Helped Eagles in Free Agency Published 5/22/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineLeGarrette Blount

When drafting in any major sport the goal is to make your team better in the short term and the long term. Many months are spent looking over game film, watching workouts, and conducting interviews to determine who will work best for your franchise. And over a three day period, the New York Giants drafted six players who many hope will make Giants... read more→

NYG 2017 Offseason Part IV - Giants NFL Draft w/ Tom McAlister Published 5/18/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineEvan Engram

SportsTalkLine Conversation New York Giants 2017 Offseason - Part IV Giants NFL Draft Part IV of the ongoing Giants Offseason is here. TE rich draft and a first round selection at the position? NY Giants analyst Tom McAlister called it early in this series. Here he and host Steven Van Over review that pick and many others as they detail... read more→

Denver Broncos Post Draft Analysis Published 5/17/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineGarett Boles NFL Draft

As you already know, John Elway and the Denver Broncos recently completed the 2017 NFL Draft. That is if you haven't been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, atleast. Now, most fans want to know four things after a draft: 1) Who is the first round draft pick, 2) which athlete will produce the most on the field immediately, 3) which... read more→

2017 NFL Draft Talk w/ #NYG DE Avery Moss Published 5/13/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineAvery Moss

SportsTalkLine NFL Draft Talk NFL Draft 2017 - Giants DE Avery Moss Youngstown State DE Avery Moss became a New York Giant in the 23rd pick of the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Connor talked with Avery before they draft where they covered the entire NFL interview process from the last collegiate game through the combine. But that's... read more→

Will Davis Webb Replace Eli Manning? Published 5/9/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineDavis Webb

The first round of the 2017 NFL draft was filled with surprises and one of the surprises was the run-on quarterbacks in the first round. When the Giants had their selection, gone was Patrick Mahomes II who was selected 10th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs who many felt Mahomes was coveted by Big Blue.  The Giants went with tight end Evan Engram... read more→

Patriots 2017 Draft Results Published 5/7/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineBrandin Cooks

Last weekend was a rather quiet one for the New England Patriots. There was some buzz on Thursday about possible moves regarding Malcolm Butler and Jimmy Garoppolo, but in the end the Patriots were content to remain where they were and sit out Day One. The wait for Patriots fans was even longer than expected, as the Patriots traded down deeper... read more→

Ryan Swizter - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 5/6/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineRyan Switzer

Ryan Switzer - Wide Receiver - North Carolina DOB - NOV 04 1994 Height - 5'8" Weight - 181 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Sticky hands and very crisp route runner. A quarterbacks best friend. Switzer uses his quick twitchy footwork to get open of the snap and is a saavy route runner that knows how to get open.... read more→

Patriots Add Mix of Veterans and Rookies During 2017 Draft Published 5/5/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineBill Belichick

It is business as usual in New England this offseason.  Bill Belichick's chant "no days off" echoed throughout the region and even after celebrating a fifth Superbowl victory it was known there was still more work needed to be done.  The Patriots kept busy during the draft process and added an array of players.  They were able to use their... read more→

Jourdan Lewis - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 5/4/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineJourdan Lewis

Jourdan Lewis - Cornerback - Michigan DOB - AUG 31 1995 Height - 5'10" Weight - 188 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: An annoying player to play against. Consistently plays tight coverage and lets you know he's there by keeping his hands on you. Allowed only 7 catches in 2016. Physical player for his size and plays a... read more→

Chidobe Awuzie - NFL Draft Player Profile Published 5/2/2017 in Pro Football Talk Line

Chidobe Awuzie - Defensive Back - Colorado DOB - MAY 21 1995 Height - 6'0" Weight - 202 lbs Click Here for NFL Combine Stats Strengths: Plays the game with great technique. Anywhere from his footwork to his jams at the line of scrimmage he does it all using great technique. Plays with clean feet, allowing him to back pedal with... read more→

Evaluating Giants NFL Draft Picks Published 4/30/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineJerry Reese

After months of speculation, the NFL Draft of 2017 has come and gone. Some teams went for best available player, others tried to fill holes on the roster, while other reacted to what the other 31 teams were doing in the draft. For the New York Giants, they had needs for 2017 such as tight-end and offensive tackle and needs for 2019 such as a... read more→

Babies, Big Foot, and Da Bears Published 4/30/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineMike Ditka

If you are a Chicago Bears fan and you missed the 2017 NFL Draft unfold on Twitter, trust me, it was like having a mean drunk uncle take over the July 4th BBQ and burn every chance at a decent burger. DJ Gallo’s play-by-play coverage for The Guardian is worth biting into, if only for Garrett Boles’ Buddha-like baby boy, a Big Foot sighting,... read more→

Watson Finds a New Home in Houston Published 4/29/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineWatson

I have been adamant on refusing to mention or support this man in any way since January 11th of 2016. Those feelings only doubled on January 9th of this year as this man proceeded to not only stress me out for almost three hours, but also break my heart in the final moments of the college football championship. As an Alabama fan, the name Deshaun... read more→

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