SportsTalkLine Network Move To GoDaddy Complete!

Thanks for the patience and welcome to the new hacienda! Well, things certainly could have gone better. However, after the site being in a total flux (that’s PC for &#[email protected] Up!) for the last three days, we are here!

It seems getting off the old hosting service was a lot like getting divested of your cable company. Painful.

But it’s (almost) over. Tweaking at night will go on for the next two weeks as coders optimize the site. It makes no sense to me why it has to be “re-optimized” but that’s what I’m told. Hey, it’s the political season. Just nod.

In the mean time a huge thank you for your patience and a bigger hello as we welcome you back.

Sending out alerts to all analyst, writers, social media operators, photographers, videographers, rappers and faith healers!

Combine baby! Let’s do this thing!