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NFL 2018 NFC Week 1 Power Rankings

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It’s the 2018 First Week of Power Rankings. This isn’t standings. Enjoy our insight into how we think it will all shake out. The NFC Power Ranking will post weekly with regular analyst, authors, and pundits from your favorites team creating an individual list that we then add together for the combined (and final) …

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League Office: Waiver Wire Pick-Ups – Week 2

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Football is back, and like a plate of biscuits and gravy for breakfast, it was a great way to start things off … for some of us, at least. Whether your fantasy football team is 0-1 or 1-0, it’s time to visit the waiver wire and pick up something — or perhaps a few things …

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Need to Know – NFL Week 1

Sunday’s can be overwhelming. There are some things around the house that need addressing and don’t forget, Monday is right around the corner. Who has time to wade through the plethora of Game Day information?!? Well, we do. Below is your personal Game Day Cliff’s Notes. RB David Johnson – Cardinals On Saturday the Arizona …

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John Lynch

49ers Defense: Brick wall or Swiss cheese?

Last year the 49ers’ defense was almost nonexistent under new defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. They were ranked 25th in both points and yards allowed. But due to better play and longer drives on offense when Jimmy Garoppolo took over as the quarterback, things improved but it was far from perfect. As the new season approaches, …

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Cowboys Converge on Carolina for a Southern Start to the Season

The NFL football season, certainly when compared to MLB, NBA, and NHL schedules, always seems so fleeting. After (often literally) surviving a 4-5-game preseason gauntlet, 32 NFL teams have a meager 16-game regular season schedule in which to successfully trigger their playoff dreams. That feeling fades just as quickly once these gladiators start competing. Reality …

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Chicago Bears Helmet

Bears Season Preview

Can the Chicago Bears change their narrative? Chicago Bears Chairman George McCaskey recently said it best: “This has been a long, hard, difficult struggle for our fans, and we’ve tested their patience. As Bears fans do, they’ve remained loyal. Now it’s on us to reward that loyalty.” This humility and honesty is appreciated as a …

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