8 Players Who Will Dominate Fantasy Football

It’s that time of the year again. Football is around the corner, but your draft is happening right now! Everyone knows the basic names, such as Aaron Rodgers. However, who are the players this year that will break out and dominate in your league. I am going to write you one person for each starting slot in fantasy. Each of these players are not the number one option but the type of player who can be this year’s, Alvin Kamara.


Matthew Stafford

Can you guess which quarterback has the most top ten fantasy finishes since 2011? Well, it’s a tie between Drew Brees and Matthew Stafford. People are sleeping on Stafford as if the guy has thrown for more than 4,000 yards each year since 2011. Add in the fact his new head coach is trying to implement a New England Patriots style to the Lions and you have a recipe for success. Just remember this top ten fact I threw out a minute ago and how he has more of those then: Cam Newton (5), Phillip Rivers (five), Russell Wilson(four), Matt Ryan(four), Big Ben(four), and Tom Brady(five). You can get Matthew Stafford late, 9th round or later for most drafts, and I suggest you should because it allows you to build your talent positions around your quarterback.

Running Back

Dion Lewis

I know some of you are screaming ” Derrick Henry” at your screen, but did you know Dion Lewis was an RB1 last year? Granted the Titans are not the Patriots. However, in the week 3 preseason game Dion Lewis ended up with more yards and touches even though Henry started. People make too much of this “starter” role. Starter just means he is on the field for the first play, he can be replaced the second play and never see the field again (not that this will happen, but it needs to be said). Also, Henry is not a pass catcher and the Titans are not looking amazing this training camp. This may mean they play from behind a lot which leads to Dion Lewis being on the field more catching every screen pass and check down. Dion Lewis is being drafted with an ADP of 53. I believe he has major potential in this upcoming season.

Running Back #2

Isaiah Crowell

Finally, Crowell is being drafted in the right slot to match his talent. His ADP this year is at 87. However, did you know he has the 4th easiest schedule for running backs this year? He is going to be the lead back for the Jets who are starting a rookie QB. This means extra carries for Crowell in order to limit Darnold’s exposure to the opponent’s rush. Finally, if the Jets believed in Powell they wouldn’t have signed Crowell. This leads me to believe the man will have high volume and as someone who is a bench player/flex. I’ll take that higher ceiling every time.

Wide Receiver

John Brown

We are going deep into the stash of WR as his ADP is 160. John Brown has been under the radar this preseason. Let’s remember that Joe Flacco loves the deep ball and that falls to Brown, not Crabtree.  Plus, around the league people are talking about John Brown’s skills and how he has ” the stuff”. I think now that he has a hold on his disease that hurt his value in the past he is poised to be a late round sleeper that can win you games in fantasy.

Wide Receiver #2

Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin is not a sexy pick. Kelvin is a big, slow wide receiver. His average ADP is 113 and he has the 8th easiest schedule for WR. The basic reason why you should pick this man late is because the Bills will be terrible. They have no weapons outside of Benjamin and Shady McCoy. This means when they fall behind he is going to get the mass number of targets for this team. Again, this is another case of high volume for a player with a low ADP. You can never complain when your WR has a chance of 8-10 targets every game.

Tight End

Jack Doyle

Luck is back and yet Jack is falling ADP wise to number 118. This bewilders me because he has the second easiest schedule for tight ends. Luck loves to throw to his tight ends as history has shown us. After Ty Hilton, the next target on this team lacking talent is Jack Doyle. Mix in the fact that there is no real run game and Doyle can be a huge upside for anyone’s fantasy team!


New Orleans Saints

Defense can be a streamer pick to me. That’s how little I put value in this position. However, you must roster at least one and to start the season the Saints have a great schedule. In the first five weeks, the only top-tier offense they face is the Falcons. I would take this defense and let everyone jump on the Rams, Eagles, and Vikings.


Will Lutz

Again, this is another position that doesn’t worry me too much. However, when I choose kickers, I like to pick the ones with the best weather. So, when it comes to a kicker, give me a guy in the south or one with a dome. My favorite is Will Lutz who gives me a dome for half the season as well as a high-powered offense.

We didn’t cover flex because everyone here can become a flex play for you. If you are looking for a deeper flex who you should grab, nab Cory Clement. He is this year’s Kamara. However, if you can get a few of these players on your team, you will make the playoffs. The public is sleeping on all these gems and it is your duty to snag them up and walk away with the championship.

From deep in the HEART of Philadelphia I’ll be reporting more fantasy football news as it hits so stay tuned and #FlyEaglesFly

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