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NFL Blowouts – Week 5

NFL Lights

The NFL is parity. “On any given Sunday” goes the old cliche and if you don’t believe me just ask the anointed “Preseason Superbowl Champion Patriots.” We all know how that turned out. The point being any team can win however also equally true is most games are fairly close. Except when they’re not.

There are those of us (me) who enjoy a tooth-and-nail, defensive slug-fest (preferably in the rain) however there is also the other side of the coin. My mother, a life-long Cowboys fan would leave the room unless her team quickly got up by two or more scores. Cut to the chase, my mom loved a good blowout. “Mom’s kind of game” is how my father and I still reference a lopsided result.

Rather than predict win/loss outcomes, here we focus on the surreal. We go for the Hail-Mary … in the first series of the game. This section is all about “the blowout.” Or as I still refer to ’em “Mom’s kind of game.”

Looking at the Blow-Out Radar this week three matchups are giving blips on the screen with all the players coming out of the NFC.

Seahawks vs Rams

The Legion of Boom is’t making a lot of noise these days and they matchup this week against a LA Rams offense that is ranked #5 in total offense and #2 in scoring offense in the NFL. Team strength vs former team strength. It’s all going to start with the running game for the Rams as they like to get Todd Gurley going early. After that, watch out as Goff is going down town!

Mom’s kind of game by mid-way through the third quarter.

Packers vs Cowboys

I picked the Cowboys to win by two touchdowns earlier today. That being said, as I pointed out in the post it all depends on the DL David Irving effect. He comes back and looks to be the stud he (at times) purports to be then it’s all gravy for Big D. However if he shows up on game day having those “first game back from suspension jitters” then Aaron Rodgers and company is going to have a field day versus the short-handed Cowboys secondary. Either way I don’t see this game being close as whichever team wins should do it by a large margin.

Mom’s kind of game by fourth quarter.

Vikings vs Bears

The Vikings are a hot mess at QB and it doesn’t matter. This is a solidly put together team with a nasty defense and a capable running game. What does matter is the Bears will be starting a rookie QB against a heated division rival and that almost never works out well. The Minnesota defense is for real. The Bears’ offense isn’t. The Vikes offense is potent no matter who is under center. The Bears D is under manned. Do the math.

This QB Mitch Trubisky kid is the proverbial fly in the ointment. He looked VERY good in preseason however he’s still a rookie and isn’t used to regular season game speed. He’s still a rookie.

Mom’s kind of game by half time.

What say you Sports Nation?

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Steven Van Over
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