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Why is NFL Behind MLB, NBA, NHL in Guaranteed Contracts

NFL Free Agency

Baseball has them. They are still going strong and guess what? The billionaire owners are still just that, billionaires. NBA has them and after many predicted it would make the league fold like a house of cards recently clubs have sold for billions. Billions. NHL? Same result. Yet the NFL continues to trot out the same old, tired, inaccurate, misleading, false narratives as to why it can’t, won’t work in the National Football League.

Let’s be clear what is really going on here. This isn’t billionaire owners “afraid” of losing money. Their own number crunchers tell them it will have no impact. Contracts are paid out on a percentage. Guarantees are part of that percentage. It changes nothing insofar as what the owner will have to pay for labor. It does, however, minimize an owners power in regards to their ability to apply economic pressure to players even though they just signed a multi-year contract.

The power is all one way. Clubs can cut a player at any time with zero real-world penalties. Unless a player has guarantees in his contract he is left with nothing and a team can cut a player at any time that is convenient for the team, not just when there are plenty of teams in need as in before the beginning of NFL Free Agency. Ask Dez Bryant how that affects the job market.

Right now many contracts are negotiated for spans that are rarely met. They are ultimately back-loaded with the player getting cut before the “big money” kicks into gear. Agents get to brag about multi-million dollar contracts they have negotiated for money the player never sees. This in turn helps them, ensare future victims. The entire system is a scam. Fully guaranteed contracts would make negotiations real world. You wouldn’t see 10-year contracts. You would see 2-4 and that’s it.

NFLPA Executive Committee member Russell Okung made his feelings on the matter quite clear via Twitter.

The man speaks the plain truth. Easy to understand. No spin. I eagerly await the owner’s response. I suspect there won’t be one.

What say you Sports Nation?

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