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It’s Clear: In The NFL, Domestic Violence Is Okay, Political Opinions Are Not

The Washington Redskins made one thing very clear on Tuesday: their organization, as well as the NFL as a whole, is okay with domestic violence but draws the line at political opinions.

The Redskins are on the hunt for a quarterback because of the injuries to both Alex Smith and Colt McCoy. On Tuesday reports surfaced that Washington was discussing reaching out to Colin Kaepernick. However, Pro Football Talk also reported that Redskins president Bruce Allen “made it clear internally that there was and would be no interest in Kaepernick.”

Okay, fine. So they’re not going to sign Kaepernick. Well, that’s probably because they have a bunch of better options that they are planning to pursue right?


No, instead the Redskins are reportedly looking to sign Josh Johnson. He currently plays for the San Diego Fleet of the Alliance of American Football (AAF). Yes, you read that correctly. The Redskins want to sign a quarterback playing in a minor league football system. Johnson, who played with Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Cincinnati, San Fransisco, Indianapolis, and Buffalo, has not attempted an NFL pass since December of 2011.

Yes, once again you read that right. This man hasn’t completed a pass in the NFL in very nearly seven years, yet could be the next starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

The Redskins explained this by noting how Johnson worked with Jay Gruden in both Tampa Bay and Cincinnati. That happens to be the most ridiculous reasoning they could possibly provide.

Johnson started a grand total of five games in his lengthy six-year NFL career. He lost all five of those contests. In his time in the NFL, he managed to throw for just 1042 yards, five touchdowns, and 10(!) interceptions at a completion rate of 54%. Just so we can truly comprehend the meaning of those numbers, let’s remember that Johnny Manziel had better stats with the BROWNS. Even he managed two wins, 1675 yards, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions, and a completion percentage of 57%.

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“Yeah but Manziel had first round talent, obviously he played better than a fifth-round pick like Johnson.”

Brian Hoyer went undrafted and has still won 16 games in his career.

This is not meant to rag on Johnson. He is probably a solid quarterback who is still trying to play for as long as he can. This is actually just to highlight how utterly laughable it is for anyone to argue that the league is not boycotting Kaepernick. Johnson’s experience with Gruden shouldn’t matter when he has had absolutely no success of any kind in the NFL. While Kaepernick certainly has his flaws as a quarterback, he has proven that he can win important football games.

Let’s make something clear: I don’t care what your politics or your beliefs are. I don’t care if you agree with Kaepernick’s protest, or disagree with it. It truly doesn’t matter in this argument. Kaepernick is a solid football player who could help teams win games.

The Washington Redskins, as well as the entire NFL, are making it abundantly clear it is completely acceptable to commit domestic violence, but it is not acceptable to express your political opinions. Kaepernick won’t be offered a job despite being leaps and bounds better than the Redskins current top choice at quarterback. Yet it’s no big deal to sign Reuben Foster just days after being arrested for ANOTHER domestic violence charge.

The points here are that the NFL and the owners don’t care about domestic violence, and they don’t want to offer Kaepernick a job because of his political opinions. Those facts are plain and clear to anyone who looks at the whole picture. The sad reality is that Kaepernick would likely still be in the NFL had he physically assaulted someone instead of kneeling during the national anthem.

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You might think Kaepernick doesn’t deserve a job in the NFL because of his actions. That’s your prerogative. But it is still sad to consider that people have fought harder to keep him out of the league than they have to keep out men who have physically, mentally, and emotionally abused other human beings. This is the reality we face, and we are all to blame.

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