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Tom Brady’s Post-Bye Week Success Should Give Pats Fans Hope

Many members of the Patriots’ fan base and the Boston sports media have been worried as of late about the health and ability of Tom Brady. He has had an uncharacteristically poor second half to his season, throwing an interception in five of his last six games and missing his targets on some routine throws.

First things first: this is not the “decline” of Tom Brady that some of the hot take artists in the national sports media like to claim. This is a 40 year old man trying to make it through an entire NFL season. Even quarterbacks take a fair beating, and his body is worn down after five months of football. He is not completely healthy, which makes the bye week that New England earned that much more important. This gives Brady time to rest and take some of the stress off of his body during the mandatory three days off that the players are given.

What should get Patriots fans excited is the success that Tom Brady has had in post-bye week games. From 2010 to now, Brady’s numbers in those games are:

Week 6 vs Baltimore
27/44 (61.4%)
292 yards
1 touchdown
2 interceptions
69.5 QBR

Divisional Round vs. NY Jets
29/45 (64.4%)
299 yards
2 touchdowns
1 interception
89 QBR


Week 8 vs Pittsburgh
24/35 (68.6%)
198 yards
2 touchdowns
0 interceptions
101.8 QBR

Divisional vs Denver
26/34 (76.5%)
363 yards
6 touchdowns
1 interception
137.6 QBR


Week 10 vs Buffalo
23/38 (60.5%)
237 yards
2 touchdowns
0 interceptions
96.1 QBR

Divisional vs Houston
25/40 (62.5%)
344 yards
3 touchdowns
0 interceptions
115.0 QBR


Week 11 vs Carolina
29/40 (72.5%)
296 yards
1 touchdown
1 interception
91.2 QBR

Divisional vs Indianapolis
13/25 (52.0%)
198 yards
0 touchdowns
0 interceptions
78.4 QBR


Week 11 vs Indianapolis
19/30 (63.3%)
257 yards
2 touchdowns
2 interceptions
85.0 QBR

Divisional vs. Baltimore
33/50 (66.0%)
367 yards
3 touchdowns
1 interception
99.3 QBR


Week 5 vs. Dallas
20/27 (74.1%)
275 yards
2 touchdowns
0 interceptions
130.9 QBR

Divisional vs. Kansas City
28/42 (66.7%)
302 yards
2 touchdowns
0 interceptions
103.5 QBR


Week 10 vs. Seattle
23/32 (71.9%)
316 yards
0 touchdowns
1 interception
90.1 QBR

Divisional vs. Houston
18/38 (47.4%)
287 yards
2 touchdowns
2 interceptions
68.6 QBR


Week 10 vs. Denver
25/34 (73.5%)
266 yards
3 touchdowns
0 interceptions
125.4 QBR

In total, Brady’s numbers come out to:
362/554 (65.3%)
286.5 yards
2.1 touchdowns
0.73 interceptions
96.8 QBR

These numbers start in 2010, the year Brady turned 33. They show how important the rest time has been for Brady as he has aged in this third act of his career.

This is not to indicate that Brady is going to come out against the Chiefs (or the Titans or Bills, but let’s be realistic here) and throw for 300 yards and four touchdowns. What it does is help ease the mind of concerned supporters who think that Brady doesn’t have another magical playoff run in him. Despite not playing up to his standards overall, Brady has still been clutch when it counted through the second half of the post season, including in the team’s big win over Pittsburgh. After getting a few days off to rest and recuperate, the Patriots are likely to get closer to 60 minutes of the Tom Brady that always shines in the final two.

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