NY Jets QB du Jour

Greetings, Jets Nation, this is my first offering, hopefully, the first of many more. Call me Hobbes.

Here we go again down that road.

Hoping for an arm on a toad.

Once again, the “Jets need a Free Agent QB” song is in full throat. In total concert to be sure, but with about as much harmony as can be found at 1 a.m. on karaoke night.

And to be honest, it sounds like the same columns written about Matt Flynn (Do you remember him? No one else does) and every other free agent QB that strung together a good game or two going all the way back to Scott Mitchell. The collective media is if nothing else consistent. Consistency, of course, is the province of small minds.

Kirk Cousins is not going to lead you to the promised land Jets fans. His ceiling is a Marty Schottenheimer kind of thing. Yes, he may get you to 9 or 10 wins every year, but it will always be one and done when the lights get bright.

No one wants to admit this, but we had a stud QB! But Mike Tannenbaum, (who drafted him) and John Idzik and Ian Eagle screwed you out of it.

Mark Sanchez.

Once you stop laughing, go to Google, and cure your ignorance. 6 playoff games, 4-2 record, QB rating over 90, advanced to AFC championship in both years including beating Brady and Belichick’s asses in NE. And was better in the second year than the first. And he did that, playing for the worst OC the organization ever had. That’s where Tannenbaum gets the blame.

After drafting Sanchez, they went the FA route to get WR’s and did a good job. However, they did not draft a single blue chip 1st round offensive talent at RB, WR, or TE. Period. Not one. Let that sink in.

Instead, Tannenbaum, allowed Rex Ryan to draft corner after corner and front 7 help, while the intellectually handicapped  Brian Schottenheimer, got 4th round and later picks. (normally I would go more in depth here, but the malfeasance is so staggering a quick trip to NFL.Com will suffice. It is illustrative. (Jets fans. Don’t get a drink, bring the whole bottle.) I am still at a loss to understand why a ‘great defensive mind’ needed more from the draft, rather than stocking the side of the ball he didn’t work with.

Now, let’s go to the  OC. From 2006, until 2010, under Schottenheimer, the Jets never cracked top 15 on offense, until 2010, which is when Ryans defense allowed the offense to garner the third most plays in the NFL. And EVEN THEN. They came in at 13.  (As I write Seattle just committed football suicide by giving him their OC job. Seattle to ‘hawks fans…we’ve decided to settle on mediocrity…oh btw, reserve those season tix now)

Later, neophyte GM John Idzik hitched his horse to… Geno Smith? So, under questionable circumstances, Ryan, mysteriously inserts Sanchez into the end of a meaningless pre-season game and gets him hurt, basically ending his career. The Jets wound up being led from behind center, by a guy that ran the Airraid offense, with skill players that greatly overmatched their defenders.Not a luxury he would be afforded in the NFL. You remember how well that went.

I’ll finish with the execrable Iam Eagle, and his Butt Fumble comment. Anyone with eyes can see Vince Wilfork, literally throwing the Center Into Sanchez’ path

Collinsworth calls it in real time, but Ian Eagle, made Sanchez the object of ridicule, which was a large part of the end of his tenure.

So now, we wait and see if the Jets go back to football 101, and build an offense before we find a QB to run it. Bring  McCown back, develop Petty, and hope Mike Macaggnan  (going forward in this space to be referred to as Mickey Mac) will admit Hackenberg was a mistake. Draft and develop offensive talent. Build an offense, then find someone to run it. Please.

I want to know what you think, C’mon, enter the Tigers Den



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