The NY Jets Real QB du Jour or … Josh Allen, No Matter What

Ok, Folks, Now that I’ve told you who the Jets don’t need. (Kirk Cousins), Now, I’m telling where they need to go at 6. A brief overview of what is likely to happen first.

Remember you heard this here first. The Brownies pick at 1, and again at 4. With the Vagiants and Dolts, in between. Now every wingnut with a column has the Browns taking Darnold first overall (Except the ever bouffant Kiper (which pissed me off), by having the Dawgs taking the Jets guy at number one…but, since he said it, that means it will never happen, sorry Mel). If they do that, it will be why the Browns remain the Browns. The bottom line here is, the math is simple

We are talking elementary school math. There are (as you are all well aware) several blue chip QB prospects, each with their own flaws. There is no ‘can’t-miss’ prospect here. There is, however, one stud player in this draft, and that is Saquan Barkley. Now to the age-old adage…What is a QB’s best friend A strong running game. So, the Browns will take Barkley first overall, and then the QB they like best at 4. Write it down now. Otherwise, Barkley winds up as a Giant or Colt, guaranteed and the Browns remain Dawgs. For the Giants, a player like that will keep Manning in town for a few more years, until they transition to Davis Webb, and for the Colts, it’s pretty much the same except they’re more desperate at RB. And both teams are pretty well set at 1 and 2 in the QB dept.

Now if the Brownies do it right and take Barkley number 1 overall, then get their QB of the future, the picture should be just right at 6, after Denver (providing they don’t start kissing Cousins, but that’ll make it all right all right allright…oops, slipped into Elvis mode there. Thank ya very much) takes their QB of the future. Though there is a danger Elway likes Allen as much as I do. (a bit on that below).

And here we are, in a room full of strangers..picking in the dark…at 6. Time for the Mickey Macc club to pull the trigger. There is only ONE EFFING PLAYER they should consider here, If he is not on the board, they should trade down, and stay ahead of Buffalo, and grab OSU’s Billy Price to fix the horrendous mistake they made at center after Mangold was gone.

The player the Jets need to get at 6, is Wyoming’s Josh Allen, the bastard love child of Brett Favre and Ben Roethlisberger. For all the whining about his completion percentage, take a look at Brett Favre’s stats at SMU.

               Now look at Josh Allen

This kid has Bens size and plays like Favre. (And a little like Ben, as well, hence the ‘bastard love child’ thing, thanks, Van).By the way, as we approach the Combine and the Draft, listen to guys like Todd McFey talk about Allen, and how NFL QB’s in the league don’t come out of college, with a completion percentage, under 60% and realize, that everyone knows, Favre did. They just want to sound intelligent, without actually trying to BE intelligent. Lucky for you guys, you get plenty of it here in the Tigers Den.

   Now, Check these highlights out.

Pay real close attention at the 3:05 mark.

And again at 5:53. Buck Frady.

At 8:00 some incredible run highlights.

So, the danger is the Brownies, and in my opinion, Denver. The Jets would do well, to strike a deal with the Colts, as Elway will see a younger version of himself if Allen is still on the board at 5.

I’ll close with this point, one of the things said about Allen, is that he would be best suited for a team where he can get coached up and refined. Jeremy Bates, recently promoted to OC, is by all accounts an excellent QB coach, and Josh McCown is an amazing mentor. If the Jets can snare Allen, they should trade or dump Hackenberg, and sign McCown to a two-year extension, redshirt Allen unless McCown gets hurt, and let him have at it next year.

P.S. To answer the inevitable question, If Barkley and Allen are both on the board at 6, it’s Barkley, that’s a no-brainer even Cannizzaro and Mehta would get right.

PPS. I apologize, readers, I failed to mention the obscene amount of money that will be thrown at the mediocre Cousins in my last article. But, no way he is worth that check, especially not to the Jets…John Elway, please pay this man…Hobbes, out

I want to know what you guys think, enter the Tigers Den.



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