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Hobbes has been…unavoidably detained for 30 days. But I am back and catching up.

Cousins? Seriously? Go back and read my article. Fuck this. The Jets traded up to 3 for a reason, (and tried to trade up to 1) if theBrowns are to be believed. But the Jets know, what the NYDN and the Post aren’t telling you. But I did.

Saquoan Barkley is the number one pick in the draft, or the Browns GM gets fired. Again, reiterating: There is no way Barkley slips past 2 because he adds 5 years to Eli Manning.

Assuming the Browns take a QB, (Josh Allen), they wind up with Chubb at 4. Good, yes, but if Allen fails then the GM is fired. Barkley is the safe pick at one, the GM of the Browns wants to send his kids to college.

Barkley at one, the gamble at 4, The Jets know, they have a shot at Allen, or Barkley, if they pass on both. Shoot me. The Jets being the Jets, Allen and Barkley will go 1 and 2, but the Jets spoke to the Browns, and Kiper is never right.Oh, and McVay and Kiper have Saquon at 4.

Let’s see



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