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NY Jets Junior GM

Before I get to the Jets, Cleveland???? AYFKM? Baker Mayfield? at 1? Ummmm, they could have walked away with Barkley (who as predicted in this space, months ago to become an NYVagiant, when Cleveland remained Cleveland and took Mayfield at 4. Neither the Jets or Giants were taking Mayfield, and the crap Mayfield’s agent is spewing about trader Bill, moving up to two to get him in NE, was never going to happen. The Giants were not going to trade the Barkley pick.

Are you fucking kidding me????? Allen on the board, and Mickey Macc goes with Duh, Arnold, the “Dont fire me pick,” because if he sucks, everyone else thought he was the number one pick over all. Well, Mickey Macc, back in ’86, the Jets took an excellent QB, Ken O’brien, but failed to build around him. The Phucking Phins took Marino. (who never won a thing, btw DEE). But how did that look in hindsight?

Now Allen is in the division, and he’s going to light Jets CBs up because they are going to find players to run go routes from their own 10.

Mickey, You are going out of your way to make it hard to be a Jets fan, and I am 40 years in.

Then I get home, fresh from having a smoking hot Irish firecracker cut my hair (thank you Meghan)… only to find out they waived Jalin fucking Marshall? seriously? As I said last week, Marshall is a prototypical Slot man, and having let Sefarian-Jenkins escape to Jax, over a measly million dollars, they now have no experience at TE, and no go to slot guy. (And NO, Chad Hansen is not as good a player as Marshall, nor is Ardarius Stewart) So, Mickey Macc gets a Quarterback then robs him of the two most reliable targets between the numbers from last years squad. Sure. That works.

Again, going back to Meghan, her go to sarcasm is, “how can I make YOUR day better”, and she delivers it with the smile of a Sicilian knife fighter, about to stroke your femoral artery. The Marshall thing, made me feel like Ford Fairlane falling off of the Capitol records building, apeing Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, “My Hair, My Hair!” FCOL. I just pointed out, how productive his targets were, but of course, the coaching staff, lacking the ability to circumvent Mickey Maccs tomfoolery (see Hackenberg, Christian) in drafting not one, but two WRs last year, pigeonholed Marshall as a return man. Mickey Macc, do something to make MY day better, do something to protect the Number 3 overall pick. – PLEASE

NY Jets Junior GM

Round 1 – Sam Darnold. USC

We all know I wanted Allen over Darnold, and of course, the green-eyed lady wanted him in Miami, but Buffalo had other ideas. Ugh.

Round 3 – Nathan Shepherd, Fort Hays State

Mickey Macc takes a 25 year old, raw player, who will be closing in on 30, by the time he becomes a player. Left on the Board, OSU standout Sam Hubbard.


Round 4 – TE Chris Herndon, Miami

Herndon, fills a need, and by all accounts has the athletic ability to pedrform at the next level. No complaints here.

Unless you factor in letting ASJ walk over chump change.

Round 5 – DE Foley Fatukasi, UConn

Nickerson, a younger faster Buster Skrine. We’re ok with this one.

As for the rest, Bozeman or Clapp would have filled a glaring need on the OL. So, we draft a QB, Let go of a solid TE, a really good slot guy and draft no OL talent. Sam Darnold. Call Kenny O’Brien. You may need survival lessons.

Clear some space on the couch Dee, I may be Miami bound.

I want to know what you think, c’mon enter the Tigers Den.



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