Mickey Macc Axes Petty over Hackenpuke

So, While I covered Cleveland being Cleveland last week, it appears the Jets remain the Jets. It seems that the front office is yearning for the heady days of the Rich Kotite era. They cut Bryce Petty, in order to preserve Maccagnans wasted 2nd rounder, on Christian Hackenberg.
Remember, Petty beat him viciously in the preseason last year like Hagler beat Hearns.

So, let’s get a couple things out of the way, first, Mayfield’s agent has every team in the NFL wanting him.

First, the Pats were going to trade up for him, then the Jets were sending him overtures. Sure they were. That’s called Mayfield’s agent covering the Browns asses for not taking Barkley at 1, and Mayfield at 4. Bite me douche.

So, it’s nice to be brilliant and devastatingly handsome, like Abe Froman, but why couldn’t I be born rich, and with better sense in sports teams.

The two most beautiful women I know, Dee, is a Phins fan, and like I said about Marino, She got the big one, and it lasted a long time, even though we’ve bettered the Phins of late (oh, and BTW, their front office picked up Akeem Spence for a 7th rounder, can we get some help here?) ,and the two-legged stick of dynamite, Meghan is a Yankees fan.. Ummm, I’m the guy here, I’m supposed to have better sports sense. Maybe it’s a fashion thing, the Sonny Crockett teal and tangerine and white, and the allure of pinstripes.

Me, I’m a Mets and Jets fan GEE thanks, Dad! (Seriously tho, bro…you are missed. Requiescat in pace.)

Now when I was a wee laddie, I grew up watching Namath and Unitas shoot it out, and got hooked. Oh, and speaking of Joe Willie, he was on Varney the other day making the point I made, about the Jets not drafting any Offensive line talent. To paraphrase Ford Fairlane, (this is for you Mickey Macc)

“Joe Namath is turning over in his friggin grave, and the fucking guy isn’t even dead yet!!!!! YOU”RE TEARING ME APART”

Let’s be clear, the offensive mismanagement of this team is on Maccagnan. First Chan Gailey gets a season as OC, fired, then he hired John Morton, and fired him after one season. Seeing the targets in Pettys 3 starts below, should tell you why….but it seems no one wants to ask Mickey about that. (And as you are aware the front office ain’t taking my calls.)

But lets review, Sefarian Jenkins is gone over a million dollars leaving no real TE experience on the roster. Jalin Marshall is gone and Robby Anderson, a decent, but not great player with more legal issues than half the population of the Miami Dade correctional system, remains a Jet, with a public vote of confidence from the front office. And Hackenberg remains a Jet because Mickey Macc has yet to own up to his drafting mistakes.

Ok, So onto the Petty/Hackenberg thing.

Ok, So the solons in the NY Media will tell you Petty went 0-3 in 2017. Ok.

(BTW, Consider the reporting on the Darnold story… “OMG, he fell to us…AT 3!!!”
that means one team passed on him. because the Giants liked Webb and were sold on Barkley.

So, again, Petty went 0-3, on a team that was already 5-8 in 2017, But against who?

The Saints, the Chargers, and the Patsies.

But wait…there’s more. Talk about Sucking for Sam, and setting Petty up to fail, the story is in the targets, over those 3 games.

Against the Aint’s?

7 pass attempts to Rb’s, and only 4 targets to any player over the short middle.

Against the Chargers?

On Christmas Eve, talk about a lump of fucking coal in your stocking, 3 attempts to RB’s, 3 attempts in the short middle. I hope he at least got some Astroglide lube in his stocking. Merry Christmas Bryce!

Then against NE on New Years Eve,
4 RB targets, but a whopping 8 over the short middle, Happy friggin New Year, Bryce.

Now, Petty was in the final year of his rookie contract, but lets face it, he started 3 games, because he beat Hackenbegs ass in the pre-season.Now the Jets can claim Bridgewater is ahead of schedule, but at the end of the day, they kept a wasted second round pick, over the guy that beat him out last year, and did so handily. So, now a guy that couldn’t play his way onto the field is your de-facto back up QB.

Unless Darnold is getting thrown to the wolves, if McCown takes a bad hit. (Or a Freak Injury like Testaverde on Opening Day).

Paging Ken O’Brien..



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