Jet’s QB2 is a Joke – So is Front Office

So, Mickey Macc cuts Petty, by being petty, and keeps the bust, which does not come close to rivaling that of The Biscuit, (who remains nameless to prevent a lawsuit), and Petty? He gets signed immediately by the Phucking Phins. (Dee, just got…lathered up). Bryce Petty is a Player, Like Jalin Marshall is a Player, Like ASJ is a player, and yet the Jets keep problem children (Wilk, Sheldon, Robby).

Granted, Petty didn’t live up to his Baylor days, but again, who the hell did he play for, Gailey and Morton, both fired stays wedded to Hackenpukke like a battered woman to her perpetrator, until they can’t take any more, but jettison guys that JUST MAKE PLAYS, stupidly. Granted Petty didn’t produce much, but WHO DID HE PLAY FOR/ Gailey/ Fired. Morton Fired (see my last column for that idiocy).  Hackenpuke, that got beat on by Petty, like Mitch ‘Blood’ Green’ got beat on by Mike Tyson at  Dapper Dan’s.

You gotta watch this  Tyson, the Undisputed Truth. LMAO.

Petty, stay with me here sports fans, GETS A CHANCE TO COMPETE FOR THE STARTING JOB. Now, Granted, Fanny Hill, is coming off of an ACL, but the fact remains, your @NYJets defacto 2nd string QB is Hackenpuke, who got his ass beat preseason last year, like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV.


So I was discussing this whole Petty/Hack/Mickey Macc thing with my friend Art Mooney, but Colleen Sutton and Julian Grendel never heard of him. And Bobby Black is dead.

But my theory is that Hackenpuke (btw readers, my esteemed editor Van, who covers the Cowgirls, coined that phrase. Hosannahs) was going to UPS, was struck by the sudden realization, that Hackenpuke CANNOT FUCKING DELIVER.

So, lets focus, Petty goes to Miami.

Here is Brian Costello, today. hat tip, Pick up the Gauntlet

Bridgewaters Health remains a mystery. So, as I said, Hackenpuke, is your defacto Back up to McCown, unless Duh’Arnold gets the Sanchize treatment, waiting for Ian Eagle to say something stupid, as a media shark, in contravention to the absolute metaphysical reality. But Hey Ian got paid.

Click Here for Petty’s college stats

FFS, he was better than any of the top guys coming out, and don’t give me the competition bullshit. Nick Saban’s players get drafted two rounds higher because Bama beats up on weaklings. Remember Dee Milliner? I mean, Seriously?

It was posited going into the draft, that Milliner was always placed in a position to angle toward the sideline, hence making him two defenders instead of one, yet, Rex HAD TO HAVE HIM, and this goes back to the mediocre mindset in the NFL, Rex, was a defensive genius, yet, needed high draft picks instead of giving them to the offensive side of the ball. Fuck they could have drafted Chance Warmack, or DJ Fluker if Bama was the only school they scouted.

Miami knows what I know. THE OFFENSIVE COACHING OF THIS TEAM HAS SUCKED FOR DECADES. So they see the value In Bryce Petty, And right now, that is on Mickey Macc.

So, Again, this team has suffered from General MisManagers, and the Ownership needs to stop being Slum Landlords, and take fucking ownership, Like Al Davis and Jerry Jones, and The Maras and the Rooneys.

Don’t be absentee landlords anymore Please GIVE US HOT WATER. Stop letting our coaches bathe in it.

I want to know what you think,
C’mon step. into the Tigers Den.

P.S. I’d like to thank Dee and Meghan for agreeing to be the regulars in my rantings. It appears that sports knowledgeable women with excruciatingly infectious smiles, are my weak spot. ( Though, I will not mention the absolute eroticism provoked by having your scalp massaged with hot water while discussing sports, with a sharp-witted whip of a woman…lol)



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