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Summer of Sam II

This is a sports column, I’ll start there.

Back in 1980, after a bunch of college kids beat the grown men of the best Hockey team on the planet, they still had to play Sweden, to win the Gold. No one remembers that. They only remember David slaying Goliath.

Most of you have probably seen the movie, “Miracle” a great retelling of that story. except they committed a cardinal sin, in making it. And Kurt Russell would have fucking nailed this.

Prior to the game against Sweden Herb Brooks, walks in for the pregame, and says: “If you lose this game, you will take it to your graves.” Walks to the door turns back, and says’ “to your fucking graves”.

So, She who cannot be named, the Herb Brooks quote is not lost on me. I will take that loss to my fucking grave. I am sorry.

Now …  whats going on in The Summer of Sam…?

So, I give Costello a ton of shit, (because, I am the best writer covering the Jets) but he stepped up his game a bit recently, in his roster analysis, though one suspects he has been lurking my column, lol

NO TE’s No OL. No Slot guy. But hey, We sucked hard enough for Sam.

So, two days ago, I was in a real funk. Measure this. I am relaxing in a soft chair, warm water, and lather on my scalp. and Helen of Troy’s pretty sister massaging me. Yet, Much like the James Gang, I was stuck in Funk 49. So she says, “My grandmother used to say
‘ Sometimes you have to pull your panties out of your spot”” And in the hands, of the most exquisite creature on the planet…I let that remark pass…

This column would not be complete, without mentioning Tom. Tom, Tom, the serving one, had a snit-fit, and away did run. An ascerbic, sarcastic dude, who questions why he has separation issues, lmao. So while discussing all things sports with Tom, he pointed out that no one gives Buck Frady salt, by bringing up Joe Cool Montana, (who is btw, light years greater than Buck Frady). And then we had a discussion that pegs back to one of my earlier columns about how there is no GOAT. It’s in that players time,

Unless you are Jordan, Tyson, or  Bo. Sorry.

So back to Sam-I-Am.

The .14 Caliber Killer. Can anyone, tell me what the NYJests have done yet to support HIM? As far as I can tell, they are still busy jerking off with one hand, and patting themselves on the back with the other. No TE, no Slot guy. They signed a cast off OL.



Mickey Macc.

Tell me how the Jets should support Sam-I-Am.

The .14 Caliber killer needs bullets. Terrell Pryor, and the return of Devin Smith help, but there you get ot the Testaverde issue, as described by Parcells. Being asked to live outside the numbers and down the field = Turnovers. He needs Inside, horizontal routes
to succeed. Ahem, Jalin Marshall and ASJ.  Great foresight, Mickey Macc.

I want to know that you think,
c’mon, enter the Tigers Den.



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