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Hackenpuke Re-Redux

So, the Re-do on Hackenberg is officially over. We didn’t even hit mini-camp. Now, there are several issues here.

Chucky, liked Hackenberg coming out of college, just like MickeyMacc did. According to the 100 million dollar man, all the kid needed was the right coach and the right system, but apparently, the alleged Quarterback guru and whiteboard illustrator isn’t genius enough to fix this. So, Again, GM, and Head Coach zip. Hobbes 2. At least Oakland only gave up a conditional 7th rounder, which I suspect probably now reverts back, as I cannot imagine there wouldn’t be an “in case he really sucks that bad’ escape clause. The 51st overall.

Again, let that sink in. The 51st overall pick. Now out of football. Look let’s be fair, half of your high draft picks wash out. For every Peyton Manning, there is a Ryan Leaf, for every Bo Jackson, a  Brian Bosworth. You have to know that going in. However, in the case of Hackenberg, it was patently obvious, before he was drafted, then it was obvious after he was drafted, and once Bryce Petty beat his ass, the losses should have been cut.

Ed note: The conditional 7th round pick does rever back to Oakland

There is never anything right with a coach or GM, unwilling to admit that a player flat out sucks. It’s obvious to everyone in the stands, those of us that remember the Parcells era will remember Otis ‘Toast’ Smith, whose most notable accomplishment was prying this gem out of former head coach, Buddy Ryan. If memory serves, the Jets had just lost to the Vikings, and yes, Smith got toasted. And Ryan said “He killed me as an Eagle, now he is killing me as a Jet”

The Deadspin ranking of the worst 100 players puts Smith only at number 71.  Stating:

71. Otis Smith; cornerback; Eagles, Jets, Patriots, Lions; 1991-2003: Somehow lasted forever, but has any defensive back in modern NFL history given up more big plays?”

Oh, and LOL…Mickey Macc.

70. Quincy Carter; quarterback; Cowboys, Jets; 2001-04: For a minute there, it looked as if Jerry Jones was right to use a second-round pick on a player projected to go in the fifth or sixth round. Carter, however, never met a defense he could read or a receiver he couldn’t overthrow. Legal problems also damned his career.

Jones at least got to see Carter actually, you know…PLAY.  And of course, he wound up as a Jet.

Again, it’s a revealing read … Deadspin Worst 100 Players.

There are a scary number of Jets on that list kiddies, Get out the Jack Daniels before you click

Oh to have been born a Yankees fan…..

Blair Thomas, Chad Cascadden, Smtih…..


“He killed me as an Eagle, now he is killing me as a Jet”  – Buddy Rayn on Otis Smith

I want to know what you think,

C’mon, enter the Tigers Den.



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