Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor, and Nightmares of the Summer of Sam

Back to you know, actual sports.

But I digress. So, a few interesting things came about towards the end of OTA’s, most notably, Zach Brown of the Washington Foreskins, threatening to get back at Terrelle Pryor for having an outstanding Training Camp last year. FFS, the DC coverage had a Terrelle Pryor watch and by all accounts, was THE highlight of the Foreskins camp. Now I get that defenses are prideful, but damn, this guy was YOUR TEAMMATE. You know, trying to help you win, as a TEAM.

Now, you are just a whiny little bitch. And the play referenced by Brown, was highlight reel to be sure, but consider the mechanics involved.

Pryor runs a Fade into the corner of the End Zone, good coverage by the corner, so where does the ball need to go? Ummm…Up real high? Pryor reaches up snatches it with one hand, for 6.

Boo Fucking Hoo.



I’ve made no secret that I think Pryor if healthy is a Pro Bowl talent at a spot where the Jets haven’t had one, in a very long time.

CBS has a  boatload of highlights here.

And Given his size and speed, and the fact that Mickey Macc has stocked the WR pool, with above average talent, but overstocked it with 2’s and 3’s, no Slot guy, no Tight End experience, in a 3 or 4 WR set, Pryor on the inside is a nightmare matchup, as well as running a single back out of those sets, as he’s got the dominant size to be a very good blocker.  His catch radius is incredible, and there’s a video of him leaping and snatching a ball out of the air, one handed….as the ball is behind him, and going away from him. His catch radius apparently is a Sphere.

Summer of Sam

And on that note, Manish’s wrap up of OTA’s should be read, he seems to really like the .14 Caliber Killer. Manish observes, that… Darnold really does look the .14 Caliber Killer, heating up in the Summer of Sam. Even called him a gunslinger, lol

“The rookie flashed all the traits that made folks on One Jets drive downright giddy after he landed in their laps in April.” – Manish on Darnold

“On Day 1 from about the 15-yard line, Darnold made a great read and fired a pass a little too high for Stewart in the end zone. But it revealed that this kid can sort through the clutter and chaos and make the right decision in a congested area.”

And finally, “Darnold is terrific on the move. That was evident from his success on misdirection plays and designed rollouts. The guy is money when you move the pocket. He’s also improving on spitting back all the West Coast offense verbiage in the huddle.”

Thanks, Manish.  It was a solid read.

My closing thoughts for this little tidbit, are on the OTAs of the Vagiants.  No, I wasn’t writing last year, but I loved Davis Webb coming out. Another UC Davis product very reminiscent of Kenny O.  Now, here is the thought that wakes me up screaming in the middle of the night.

Yes, the .14 Caliber Killer, has been a killer. In shorts. Now consider this scenario. D’Arnold for whatever reason doesn’t workout. Or struggles to achieve mediocrity. And Davis Webb performs as is currently being advertised by the NY Press. Webb was taken in the third round, by the Giants, well after Hackenpuke. If Sam, is not going all David Berzerkowitz on, NFL level defenses, or winds up taking orders from a dog of an OC,(which we know the Jets love to hire).. Webb and Barkley, will make Mickey Macc and Bowles look like Laurel and Hardy. And I will be gifting Mickey Macc, with haircuts from my Barber Doll. M, sharpen those scissors. His Mickey Macc ears are prominent enough. (I still have nightmares about them being held right outside my left eardrum, lol)..  I’d consider it a favor.  Thank you in advance.

In the final analysis, it will  mean the Jets wasted the 51 overall, the 3 overall, when they could have had a really good QB, instead of….ArDarius Stewart. Another year Mickey Macc doubled down on two players. At least you can actually play 2 safeties and two (possibly) WR’s, on a roster loaded with them?

The Jets could have had Pat Elfein at C, (Vikings Rookie starter at C), and Webb at the Stewart Pick.  Which choices look better?

(and yes, I advocated for both picks).

We are half way to remaining the Same Old Jets. Hopefully, the Summer of Sam, cures that.

I want to know what you think,

C’mon enter the Tigers den.



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