Mickey Macc Club, Oh, Tannenbaum, and Why We Fail

So, Here we are again. Last Saturday, I went to a most beautiful wedding. I mean, Simply Amazing. I had met the bride, once. She is a Friend of a friend.
So she made Kate Middleton look like a skank trolling Sullivant (My Buckeye folks will get that). But, the Couple was simply amazing. And Kayleigh, who loaned me the pen to begin writing this column, was making me a Manhattanite all over again. It was such a beautiful moment, and there were many in this day, that for a moment, the Sun began to shine, and the world melted away.

Some things and days are so beautiful that it becomes difficult to be a cynic.

Then I sat down at my writing desk and began to consider the Jests.

Take your pick, Noah’s Flood, or Moses closing the Red Sea on the Egyptians, but…reality hit like a motherf**ker.

Again I go back to Football operations being run by Football guys, instead of finding MINDS, that can see past the years of ….complacency, that the NFL covets. I want you to think of that scene in Moneyball, where Brad Pitt, introduces Jonah Hill, to the room, and the ‘head scout’ goes apeshit.   The NFL is still in head scout mode.

Everyone with a mind knows that the rules are slanted towards offense. But what do the Jets do????  Keep hiring and drafting coaches and players on Defense. Corners, Safeties, Head Coaches. The fucking ownership keeps playing AGAINST A STACKED DECK. We do not have a conference with great QB’s.  Brady is above average at best, Rodgers Better, Fuck, back up Nick Foles won a Super Bowl.  What we have is organizations, that understand the game, and those stuck in the 70’s.  Wilkerson, Richardson?  Wastes, because the Pats get the ball out in under 4 seconds. Get it?

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So we get DL, then get CB’s to lock down the outside, except, the play is TE’s and Slot guys running drags and slants inside, where you have smart teams lining up talent, against your LB’s or 3rd and 4th Corners…..  I mean, seriously  ( how does Jalin Marshall look now).

This team is still hiring and drafting like it’s “That 70’s Show,” all over again. And the drivel in the NY media this week … there just aren’t any words. In a 3 day spa,n Costello lays the yoke on Mickey Macc for the large contracts he’d given out, then turns around 180 degrees, and writes a story calling cutting those contracts genius.  No shit. And you wonder why I am insane?

Ed Note: we don’t wonder

Here, I hate to point this out, but Beli, is a defensive coach. But where do the Patsies make their mark? On fucking Offense. The difference between an Economist turned Football coach with a brain, and ‘A football guy’.

You want damning?  Todd Bowles, now starts his fourth year as Head coach  (this is a paragraph, not pointing at Bowles).  He is 20-28 as a Head Coach, Parcells said famously, “you are what your record says you are.”  I love Bill. But, wasting Devin Smith and Jalin Marshall, picking and sticking with Hackenberg, still trying to stockpile on defense in an age of rule oriented offensive dominance and the Pats offensive playbook (ummm, Mickey Macc, if we built an offense that could sustain drives and play clock management…Brady sits on the Bench…just sayin).

Now here is @BrianCoz in the NY Post.

Grab for the bottle, Jets fans. ’cause Coz, nails this.

“Quarterback won’t be the only area for competition. Outside linebacker, tight end and wide receiver also feature interesting battles.”

Oh, 4 of the most 5 important positions are battling. No star, no established talent. And the missing position in that list is RB. Do we have a Stud there?  I’ll wait.  We let ASJ go, Herndon a draftee, DUI at TE. WR? We cast off two quality kids in a repeat of the Hackenpuke debacle, and QB???  That goes back to Idzik screwing Mark Sanchez.

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But we have had Stud Defensive Ends, Tackles, CB’s, and so on, year after year, draft after draft, and the results? They keep reinforcing the definition of insanity, as year after year, we cannot sustain offense, nor stop potent offenses.  Hello??? McFly?

Again, the NY Post, tells us where the Jests mindset is at.

“The 2018 Jets look better than their 2017 counterparts in several areas. The defense should be improved with the addition of $72 million cornerback Trumaine Johnson and the expected growth of second-year safeties Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye.”

As the Pats, and other offensive minded teams continue to roll on offense, keep this column in mind.

Lets look at the Math. A WR, clocks in at 4.5 in the 40, a TE, 4.5. 4.6. Yet, the Contact rules are 5 yards. So in 2 seconds, with moves, a receiver is 6-8 yards downfield, at least, outside of contact range. While a QB with a decent line has 2 more seconds before delivering the ball, especially from the shotgun.

Now, for any team, what is the best way to keep from getting that kind of abuse? Ummm, hazarding a guess, but keeping your offense on the field, and their offense watching, not throwing money and draft picks at a futile effort to prevent the opposing offense from giving the NFL what it wants, which is more scoring.  FFS.

I hate to point this out, but how does Beli run the Patsies?  When a CB wants big cap dollars, he gets them…FROM ANOTHER TEAM. Sure a great defense will keep getting the ball back for their offense, but to what end. Rex kept giving the ball back to Schittenheimers offense. So what?

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In the AFC Championship games Sanchez led us to, at the end of the day great defense wasn’t enough, because The Sanchize had no high caliber player that defenses feared,  we had some good players yes, but no great ones, and notably, never a TE.

I’m going to wrap this section up, and I’ll finish the conversation in the next installment, so we can move on to tracking Training camp.

Off to chase the Leprechaun, looks like some magical Lucky Charms for breakfast. Time to get fattened up before Sweety Tood diuspatches me to Mrs.Lovett.  Ciao.

I want to know what you think.

C’mon, enter the Tigers Den.



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