Sam Darnold

Mickey Macc and The Summer of Sam

“Hello from the gutters of #NYJets fandom,  which are filled with dog manure, vomit, stale beer, urine and blood” (D.B., paraphrased for the occasion)

F*** me. ….Seriously, no lube. I’m a Jets fan.

So, it is now reported that the Duh’Arnold holdout is not over offsets, (which would be absolutely retarded, because there is no way he gets cut unless he goes Charles Lee Whitman), but instead over forfeiture language.

I am about to quote a LARGE chunk of the NFL.COM report, so the guy that reported it gets credit, but let me explain.

Forfeiture language means that if a player does something stupid, and gets suspended, he does not get paid.  Think Herndon, Richardson, Donahue, etc… (Boy Mickey has many of these…hmmm..)  So, this begs the question, what activities does the .14 Caliber Killer engage in, that might end up invoking the forfeiture language???   Does he Ride?, Mountain Climb? Bullfight on Acid?  Does it really matter?  He is about to make 30 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS TO BE A FOOTBALL PLAYER.  And HE, not his agent or advisors, they all work for him, isn’t saying I need to be in camp yesterday. And apparently, he has some pastime that outweighs football and 30 million dollars combined. Just saying. Now Duh’Arnold not getting signed is now on him, not the club, but one wonders… How the hell did this not come up in Combine or private interviews? Some awesome General Managing skills on display there Mickey Macc. Maybe, he’s not Mickey, maybe his is just frigging Goofy.

The media paints everyone but the player as the issue, but Josh Allen signed, in Buffalo, and he has the same agent.

The clubs go along because they can’t demonize the player, as that hurts ticket and jersey sales.

THIS IS ON SAM. The Summer of Sam starts with him shooting himself in the foot and firing the first shot into the heart of a fan base that wants to embrace him. The #NYJETS fanbase has already taken a wounding bit of lead poisoning from the .14 Caliber Killer.  Let’s hope his aim in the End Zone is a little better than it is in this instance.

Here is the NFL.Com report.

“NFL Network’s Michael Silver reported Sunday that the contract holdup between Gang Green and Darnold’s camp isn’t based around “offsets or money payouts,” per sources close to the negotiation.

Instead, the snag centers around forfeiture language, which is standard in most NFL contracts and a parameter the Jets include in all their deals with players.

Essentially, forfeiture language allows the team to recoup money if a player is injured while engaging in certain activities outside of football, with Silver offering “skiing” and “mountain climbing” as examples.

While the Bears are at odds with fellow first-rounder Roquan Smith over the league’s new lowering-of-the-helmet rule — and the financial protections in Smith’s deal should the linebacker be suspended for such a hit — Darnold’s delay is based around language most fans would deem exceedingly nebulous.

Darnold’s cadre, though, feels otherwise and continues to battle for the best pact possible. As Silver noted, “forfeiture language seems like a strange hill for his agents to die on but … that’s the way it’s playing out.””

A standard clause.

Maybe the .14 Caliber Killer is also taking orders from a dog…?

The stench of the gutter is growing again.

Thanks, Mickey Macc.

I want to know what you think,

C’mon, enter the Tigers Den.



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