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Crowded Skies – The Summer of Sam Heats Up – Jets Falcons

So, here we are. The action is upon us, so let me start with a preliminary observation.  It’s week one of the pre-season, so don’t read too much into what you see on the field, but read into what you see on the sidelines. On the sideline, you’ll see a franchise QB (though tbh, I’ve never been a big fan) and a roster whose holes exist buried in the depth chart. On the other sideline, you’ll see the Jets. I know that’s harsh, and regular readers (all three of you, Sweety Todd, The Leprachaun, and the Green Eyed monster) will know how deeply I’ve taken Mickey Macc to task over it.

To be sure it’s not all his fault. John Idzik screwed this franchise harder than a 15 year old kid with a shot at  rock goddess Lizzy Hale. Apocalyptic, to use her description. But…Res Ipsa Loquitor, the Jets depth chart speaks for itself. For all of the Little Sammy Sunshine articles being written in the NY press, about how advanced he is, how he should probably start over a 17 year vet, and a Playoff QB, there are far more articles, such as Jamal Adams, last years number 6 pick, saying the Jets locker room sucked last year, or marginal players, expected to contribute who have pending legal/NFL suspension issues.  By contrast, the Atlanta Falcons training camp battle to watch, is over who will start at Right guard, with two proven vets competing.  The Falcons possess depth at WR, TE, RB, that the Jets simply do not.  What the Falcons do not have, the baggage of the departed Mo Wilk, Sheldon Richardson, Christian Hackenberg, the give up on Devin Smith, and so on.

So, what can we hope to see? Maybe..just maybe, the Jets defense will perform as advertised, the Jets will show a modicum of intelligence, and play the .14 Caliber Killer early, letting Bridgewater look good in the second half. Late in the second half. Bridgewater is a calculated risk, the number 3 pick over all is not. And playing him late in a game with fringe roster players looking to make a big hit, is (I hate to be cold) the thing you have Bridgewater on the roster for. Remember how Sanchez got hurt. Playing in the 4th qtr, in a preaseason game, because idzik hitched his wagon to Geno Smith, instead of his Franchise, Playoff caliber QB.   All because he too keenly felt Ian Eagles idiotic Buttfumble call, which has been covered extensively in this column, Again, go look at Cris Collinsworth call it on TV. That was all Wilfork. And yes, it’s still pissing me off, because all week the NYPost instead on relying on their main Jet fuel man, the excellent Brian Costello ( @BrianCoz ) has had Steve Serby chiming in, and using that execrable adjective. Not once, but at least twice. He’s lucky 600 miles separates me from kicking him in the balls not once, but twice. I mean aside from its idiocy, it’s become the all too cute go to for NY sports media covering the Jets, when talking of the teams travails, especially at QB. Darnold’s praises from the Coaching staff and the media echo chamber. He’s making great reads, getting well into his progressions, and when that fails, extending plays withon his legs.  Let’s hope it continues when the lights come on. One would-be-savior from USC took us to the AFCCG twice, going 4-2 in the playoffs, with little institutional support. Maybe if the defense can hold it’s own, this regime can start to support this Trojan warrior.  Good Luck Sam. Shoot to kill.

So, again…look at whats on the field, especially when the .14 Caliber Killer takes aim, and starts shooting up the town.., but remember what is on each of the two sidelines. And imagine, what he…(or Sanchez) might do, or have done, if we had built a roster of skill players and an Offensive line, 4 Quarterbacks ago (Sanchez, Smith, Fitzpatrick, McCown).

Look at the TE position. The RB position. The WR position.  Atlanta put in the work, the Jets invested in low grade draft picks.

I want to know what you think…

C’mon, enter the Tigers Den



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