Summer of Sam, Week 2 Jets-Skins Recap

Call a Mohle. The Jets had way too many Foreskins last night.

This column was slightly delayed because I realized as I was scrolling thru the game film two important points needed to be made.

This was a winnable game, and the Jets lost it, on one single play. We’ll get to that in a moment. But last night showed everything that is wrong with the Mickey Macc Club.  The OL sucks. Again, no drafting to bolster that side of the ball. Your LG is the backup center, so what happens when the Center and Left Guard are both out???  Oops.  You have no reliable backup at the tackle spots.  Brent Qvale (again we will get to that in a moment) sucks.

And the LB play on this team is beyond abysmal.  Or, to say the least, it was last night. Now Darron Lee has taken heat in the media for not being the stud he was in college. But last night Avery Williamson was just as horrific, and he has already had a good enough pro career to merit a 3 year 22.5 million dollar free agent deal in the offseason after PFF had him rated as the 3rd best ILB in the game. Now I am going to go out on a limb here, and suggest maybe it’s time to look at the LB coaching. How many times can the team blame poor play at the position on the athletes, alone? Is this a case where Bowles is sticking by the guy he hired in Arizona like Mickey Macc stuck with Hackenpuke???

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Anyway, the defense did not lose this game. So we’ll just make a note to keep an eye on the LB play.  This game was lost on offense and by the Head coach. On one play. 4th and 1, end of the first half.

Let’s revisit.

Little Sammy Sunshine lines up under center. As he sits there, from Center to RT, you have a hat on a hat. The LG has a hat, the LT has a hat.

However, the gap between the NT and LDE is substantial, which says, given the distance needed, that an audible to put the LG, LT on the LDE and the Center and RG on the NT gives Little Sammy Sunshine room to get one yard, with a 4 on 2 block. Yes, it was that obvious.

However, the play call is a designed bootleg rollout left. (on 4th and 1.) Which dictates that Darnold has to pivot 360 degrees to square up to throw after the snap. The Safety has responsibility for the back out of the backfield, except a numerical mismatch forces Powell to block a defender, freeing the safety to bracket Kearse. It’s that moment that frees up the safety to tip the ball resulting in the INT.


Complicating matters, Qvale blows his assignment, allowing a free rusher at Darnold. Absent the free rusher, Darnold has time to let the Go route develop, where Anderson had his man easily beat, for 6. But….that shows another flaw in the adjustments available.  Anderson, had he broken his route off at the 15 and ran a middle cross, would have been wide open between the hashes and an easy target for Darnold, at the moment he tried to hit Kearse. That’s the kind of things the Pats wideouts do.  Anderson had an easy first down, plus other 5-6 yards, and maybe a TD, with a throw across the shallow middle.

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One Play, and everything that they could go wrong did. And lost by a late FG. (remember going for it on 4th and 1 took 3 off the board. They lost by 2)

Witten breaks it down as it relates to the safety and the interception, but watch.

Now, to be sure the failure to convert 3rd and goal, late in the fourth, again due to an unblocked rusher, did not help. (Ahem. Coaching?)

That play was fairly atrocious as well.  The Back was as far from the handoff, as the free rusher?  And two wideouts, on a play where everyone knows you are running? No Fullback? HELOOOOO! This play was the reason you carry a fullback. And this play called for a FB and an OT in the backfield in a Jumbo set. again, too cute by half. Chad Hansen whacking off a CB 10 yards away on a non-existent fade, does nothing for the play. That’s a first-quarter situational (as in we may run this again later) call. Not a 4th quarter win-now effort.  the Coaching on this team is beyond questionable.  At many levels.

The Zebras, also did much in this game, to play partisan, and the NFL, in its rampant idiocy keeps making rules that call the integrity of the game into question. First, we legislated what is a catch, but the fans hated it, now we are legislating what is a tackle.  But that’s another column. Buckle up kiddies.

Also, on the QB situation, I said last week, and remain convinced this week, that the only Pro Bowl, playoff QB on the roster should start the season.  And if you watched the game, after three days of inter-team practices, Josh Norman praised all 3 Jets QB’s but Fast Teddy, is the man right now.  Let’s see what Mickey Macc and the still as of yet unflushed Bowles do.

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I want to know what you think.

C’mon Enter the Tigers Den.



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