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It Used to be Called TACKLE Football

So after a few years of over-legislating what is or is not a catch, which fans reviled, the NFL relented and reverted back to an area somewhat governed by common sense and sight.  However, since that took control of the outcome of the games away from officiating crews, they decided to use the new cause celeb ‘concussions’ to legislate what constitutes a legal tackle. The end result, to give officials the ability to help out an offense on any given play by tacking on 15 yards.

” to give officials the ability to help out an offense on any given play by tacking on 15 yards” – Hobbes on new helmet rule

Here are two photos from the Jets-Skins preseason game.

Initiation of the tackle,  arms around waist, no helmet contact.

Note Head of the defender is at armpit level.

Now, also unmentioned, is that Smith elevated, to make the throw as contact was initiated, which brings up an interesting aspect.

Is it reasonable for the defender to anticipate the escape move of an offensive player, on anticipating the hit? Do they need to be psychic, and ballerinas, reacting in microsecond time, to actions that take place in milliseconds? Or is the NFL, just wanting more points, and control over the outcomes of certain games? In all fairness, if the Quarterback leaves his feet to throw, he should be treated no differently than as if he was a runner.

Then we have

The Tuck Rule..  (Repealed)

Then the Brady Rule.

Now This.

And to Make matters worse, the official that threw the flag on the play seen in the original two pictures, HAD HIS BACK TO THE PLAY, AS IT OCCURRED.

Probably, he saw the two on the ground and threw the flag. Assuming it was an illegal hit.

No one wants players to get hurt, it sucks for any fan of the game, but this….over sensitized effort to derail the inherent violence in the game itself diminishes the game. Period. There are many rules that make sense. Banning the Horse Collar Tackle, of course. That is an intentional act. Banning the close quarter aspects of tackling, however, given the speed at which the game occurs, is idiotic. And Frankly, like Injury reports and point spreads one wonders how much the NFL wishes to give oddsmakers a chance to capitalize. Over time, certain officials will become notorious, and oddsmakers will know which games they cover, versus which defenses and so on and so forth. (And Yes, Injury reports only exist to serve the oddsmakers).

This rule is a sham, and as the season goes on, like the tuck rule (impacting 12-13 games a year estimated), it will be interesting to see how some players are protected from defenders, cough, cough, Buck Frady, while others are treated as if the rule never existed.

You know the Pats, Steelers, Packers, and Vagiants love this rule. And yes, the rule extends to all players on the field, but, let’s face it, it’s QB hits that will come under the biggest scrutiny, followed by hits on WR’s and TE’s.

This is not about concussions in a violent game. This is about the rampant idiocy to try to control every aspect of the game, demanding the impossible, from men who put their careers on the line to provide entertainment, while leaving the ultimate decision as to fair or foul, to some guys in a room in NY.

Sorry, that’s just not football.



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