Bitches, Whines and Moans – NY Jets Wk 3

Normally this would be a pre-game take. But I just don’t have it in me. The lunacy has reached Ozzy and Lon Chaney, bark-at-the-moon proportions. Mickey Macc and the NY Jets are sitting on a goldmine of possibly epic proportions. Yet in their quest to glorify the non-existent drafting genius they are going to rush Sam Darnold into the starting spot and sit on Fast Teddy Bridgewater.  I don’t know if you’ve been watching the same games I have, but yes, Darnold has been very good. Justified his draft position, and the hysteria,  But…. Bridgewater has been better, a little crisper, arm a little quicker and lets face it, this is a fucking PRO BOWL AND PLAYOFF Quarterback in his prime. Yet the Jets by all indications are going to go right to the rookie. Remember what I’ve been preaching about football being run by football guys?  The one time they buck the trend ?  Now???  Bridgewater has played lights out football. Darnold, has been close, albeit with no support, but go back, look at the throws and the decisions, and the crispness of play. Even Josh Norman said it during the game. All the Jets QBs played well, Darnold did not look like a rookie, but it was Fast Teddy that impressed.

So why rush the .14 Caliber killer, into the fray?  Because of the Hackenpuke blunder? Why not play the long game? Why buck the tigers odds? Let the Rookie develop, and let a guy thats been to a Pro Bowl and the Playoffs, take the team where they can go, while you add talent to support your QB of the Future.

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Thats a no lose situation. It’s similar to when Pennington was drafted. Great QB, but sat behind  Vinny Testaverde for two years. That was the best QB situation the Jets have had since Namath.

Now Mickey Macc want’s to ignore the obvious, to rush Darnold. Can the grandson of Dick Hammer win? Yes. Is he the best bet, today, right now? No. Not by a longshot.

Play Teddy.

I want to know what you think,

C’mon enter the Tigers den.



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