The Comedy of Errors – Jets vs Giants Post Mortem

Before we get to the Bard of Avon, I’m reminded of Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy, when the waitress asks the little kid, “What are you watching, and he says, “The God damn Jets” That would be enough to recap last nights tour de farce.  The Bard ….

And careful hours with Time’s deformed hand
Have written strange defeatures in my face.
But tell me yet, dost thou not know my voice?”
― William ShakespeareThe Comedy of Errors

You all know my voice right about now, I’ll leave out the Thompsonesque details of exactly where last nights game drives one to, but little Billy Shakes, who  must have been channeling his inner “Revelation of St. John the Divine” when he wrote, 400 years early, of the misery of being a Jets fan.

“A wretched soul, bruised with adversity,
We bid be quiet when we hear it cry;
But were we burdened with light weight of pain,
As much or more we should ourselves complain.”
― William ShakespeareThe Comedy of Errors

Here’s my voice, and here comes the complaining. Week 3 preseason is supposed to be your window into the season, I can’t decide if I should shut it, or break it… Where to start? That’s easy.  As we’ve been discussing, this team has a Pro Bowl, playoff caliber QB, on the roster, who has looked crisper than the 3rd overall pick, but, Darnold, clearly is being judged as ‘Good Enough’ to start, because he is the future of the franchise. Not necessarily the best QB on the roster.   However, as I pointed out, even Josh Norman agrees with me, and my esteemed editor and I had this very conversation where he predicted correctly to my ire, that Bridgewater would never get a fair shot.

Ed Note: $2 is $2 .. I will take the win but “Fast Teddy” is getting boned IMO

Let’s look at the logic here. The schedule makers screwed the Jets, a Monday night away game to open. A Sunday home game against a divisional opponent (at least it’s the Dolphags, but I’ll take little pleasure in Dee using up all her crying towels, and spoiling her party. Then a fucking Thursday night away game against the Brownies.  3 games. 10 days,  That is unconscionable.  Yeah, let’s start the rookie, so we can be assured of a clear path to the number one overall pick next year.  Not McCown, Not Bridgewater. Let’s start a guy that has never played a 16 game NFL schedule. And they continue to insist no QB decision has been made, Cue Billy Shakes.

“Until I know this sure uncertainty,
I’ll entertain the offered fallacy.”
― William ShakespeareThe Comedy of Errors

They allegedly consider Bridgewater trade bait. Ok, Fine, But let’s say he goes out and wins 3, or 2 of 3. When some team comes calling, he’s not getting you a second round pick, He’s getting you a first round pick. And since you were ready to go to Darnold anyway, he’s gained a valuable crash course in how vigorous life in the NFL can be, without trying to win games, in a mindblowing first two weeks.

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Ok, that out of the way, on to the game. Which brings us to coaching. Repeated Special Teams failures, cost this team dearly last night. Special teams is not nearly as much about the athletes, as it is about coaching, and the Jets coaching deficiencies, were on full display last night. They still do not have someone that can return punts (Get me Jalin Marshall’s phone number, everyone that’s come after him has been more suspect), their kick coverage sucks, and penalties on an extra point? Which then got shanked?  Oh, and the Kicking situation?  Can someone explain that to me? No legitimate kicker, on an NFL roster?  Seriously?

(Confession, I had to stream the game, so at this point, I don’t have play by play, since Columbus TV decided to show, the Lions v. the TB Sucks.)

Darnold, as usual, played pretty well, except for not rolling out, to throw the ball away, resulting in a grounding call, Bridgewater, of course, played well.  The running game was decent,  and we FINALLY got to see the fire of Terrell Pryor. But now we get…..dramatic pause…..the Tight End situation. The goddamn Jets. ASJ, gone over 1M dollars.  And we have no TE.  This is all Mickey Macc. You want to run the West Coast offense, and you have no pass catching Tight End. We have rookies, retreads, and retards.  And one last plea to Mickey, please cut Brent Qvale. I’m reminded of Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore…”This guy sucks”.  Yeah, it’s that bad and that obvious.

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Now, on the other side of the ball, the DL did a pretty good job on the run, the strip, and the Big Cat running downfield like a cheetah, was hopefully a glimpse of future bright spots, but the secondary, you know, the High draft picks and big free agent acquisitions, continues to cause serious concern. It’s just that simple. Right now, Skrine is the only guy have faith in, while he is in the Slot. I will say Lee looked better at the LB position last night, but this unit also still generates way too much concern.  Considering Flushing Bowles (yeah the Jets don’t play in Flushing anymore, but…)   is supposed to be a defensive coach, (by way of the secondary smh) and the teams over investment on that side of the ball, they shouldn’t be this bad.

So, One last note. For Fans this not just a pre-season game, nor is it just the first chance to see your projected starters play before the season starts. This is fucking New York. The sports capital of the world. 3 Hockey teams, 2 Basketball teams, 2 Baseball teams and 2 Football teams.

The latter share a stadium, but their fans? They share life, work places, and other spaces. This is internecine warfare, for a year’s worth of pride and sunshine, Rex Ryan got that. Bowles clearly does not. And Like Mets fans, with Yankees fans (and Sweety Todd sharpen that straight razor, after last nights debacle I am ready for a bloodletting, see you in a week or so, thank you in advance), Jets fans have always been the second class citizens in this city. So…this game carries a little extra weight that most teams don’t get. This isn’t about the roster spots up for grabs, this game is about your fucking fanbase. This is not the game to come out flat, or even-keeled. This is the game to get your guys wound up, to see if you the Head Coach, has what it takes to inspire a little extra fire in your team,  to play with a little extra pride, and clearly, that was not on display last night. Thankfully for most, last night was a Friday night game as opposed to Thursday, which always makes going to work that Friday, just a little more blech.

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So, I’ll call in my closer, Billy Shakes…

“Yet this my comfort: when your   MY words are done,
My woes end likewise with the evening sun.”
― William ShakespeareThe Comedy of Errors  

I want to know what you think,

C’mon, enter the Tigers Den.



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