Summer of Sam Turns to Fall. Jets Preseason Post Mortem Part 1

Ahhhh, the august August winds of change, as the preseason comes to its merciful end, and that brief interlude, between preseason and reality that has every true football fans heart and mind working overtime to map out the Super Bowl path to victory. Yes … even Jets and Browns fans. Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and we all look forward to that first Sunday. Screw Thursday and Monday especially with the Jets opening Monday away. Short weekend, Sunday at home, then Thursday in Cleveland. A little grilling action, a beer or 6, and that first three-hour reality where dreams continue to exist or reality comes crashing home faster than Rosie O’Donnell crushing a wicker chair.

There seemed to be little sense in preview or post-mortem for the final preseason laugher as Fast Teddy was traded, so McCown had to play, then the great Jets QB situation morphed to the .14 Caliber Killer, Methuselah McCown and some guy off the street. But I’m sure he’s a nice kid.

Where to begin?  Ok, let’s get the media out of the way. Right now Mickey Macc is being lauded as the second coming of the Oracle of Omaha, for turning Million Dollar Teddy into a low third-round draft pick, by trading him to the Super Bowl Contending Saints.  Seriously???? A Healthy starting QB, with a Pro Bowl and playoffs his resume … and that’s as good as it gets?  Who here thinks the player taken in the bottom third of the third round will be more valuable on the Jets’ roster than Teddy Bridgewater?  To quote Mr.Garrison from South Park “Can we get the answer from someone that’s not a complete retard?”  That leaves out the NYPost and the NYDN.  Now, My reaction to that insanity?

Cartman 30 seconds later… “Fuck Fuckitty Fuck Fuck!!!!!”

As I pointed out earlier, Darnold may be good, great even, but the fact is he has never faced a 16 game NFL season, and had far more to gain by watching Bridgwater beat the Lions, Dolphags (sorry Dee), and Brownies. Then he’s not a lower third of the third-round pick, he’s a first rounder. And you’ve given the .14 Caliber Killer invaluable experience.

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Secondarily to that fact … let’s flashback to 1995. It’s ok, Come back in off the ledge, for now at least. Everett McIver…remember him? From the pregame article in the NYDN in ’95.

” If laughter really is the best medicine, the Jets may have supplied Everett McIver with an overdose in recent days. The third-year left tackle, who makes his first NFL start today at Rich Stadium, has been teased mercilessly by his teammates about immediately drawing Bills defensive end Bruce Smith. As a TV camera crew set up in front of McIver’s locker Friday, reserve tackle James Brown told him: “After this, you’re going to be The Man! After this, people will be going, `Whoa, you handled Bruce.’ Tell ’em what you’re going to do to Bruce.”

Cue Rich Kotite…

“Then again, some would argue Kotite’s decision to throw McIver to the Buffaloes one week after going with rookie free-agent cornerback Vance Joseph against the Raiders defies logic, too. But Kotite doesn’t keep his babies in diapers for long. “These are two kids who are investments for us,” he said. “All they’re lacking is experience. I’m a firm believer if you’ve got young people, play ’em. McIver is not a guy who just came in off the street.”

Remember the flinch that got Boomer Esiason slaughtered by Bruce Smith?
Here’s the post-game post-mortem.

“ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — It probably wouldn’t have mattered who the New York Jets brought off the bench. Once Bruce Smith and Thurman Thomas started clicking, there was little stopping the (Buffalo) Bills.

Smith knocked Boomer Esiason out of the game in the second quarter with a “violent” hit that caused a concussion, Thomas rushed for 133 yards and Steve Christie kicked five field goals en route to Buffalo’s 29-10 victory Sunday.

“I tried to deliver a blow and do my job,” Smith said. “Another part of me wondered why I didn’t push him down. . . . I have never taken part in a play in my career that was so violent. I was concerned for his safety.”

On the big play, Smith beat Everett McIver, who was making his first start at left tackle. McIver false-started and then there was a late whistle.”

Boomer, out cold on the Turf for four minutes. A miserable season further destroyed. Now, here are the two words that will rob you of even this usually pristine week of champagne dreams and caviar wishes. Brent Fucking Qvale. Yeah, the only LT that’s taken a snap this season. Even should the starter come in, he’s fresh off an injury and rusty. And Oh, Geee, Lions and Dolphins and Myles Garrett, Oh MY!!!  Bridgewater should have at least remained to keep McCown as the third QB until the LT situation could be seen in game time pressure.  Maybe it’s just me, but risking the five years you will set the organization back if you get Darnold hurt in those first ten days for a late third round pick is not a sound business practice.

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Let’s also not forget that even though he missed time to injury, Bridgewater and McCown have more NFL playbook experience than Darnold, and learning 3 game plans, in 10 days, and performing at a high level against  Stafford, Tannehill, and Taylor?  Now FannyHill strikes fear in no one, but he’s coming off a full week against a team led by a rookie who won’t start game planning till late Wednesday or Thursday, presuming Monday nights miscues come first.

It’s enough to drive anyone Berkowitz Will the Sparrows still sing in the Morning? But that’s my take on the QB situation and setting the .14 Caliber Killer up to fail.

As to the rest of the roster and the cuts. I think back to my previous missives on the state of the roster and Mickey Maccs miscues, and from this weeks impending cuts, maybe I should be the second coming of The Oracle of Delphi? When told that the Oracle of Delphi had revealed to one of his friends that Socrates was the wisest man in Athens, Socrates responded not by boasting or celebrating, but by trying to prove the Oracle wrong. Can someone tell Mickey Macc, I did not say he was the wisest GM in the NFL and will he please stop trying to prove that wrong by proving me as Hobbes, right. Please.

Part Two as the roster is pared down.

I want to know what you think, C’mon, enter the Tigers Den.


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