Into The Arena or A Star is Born – Jets Victory

Monday Night Football, the NFL’s biggest non-playoff stage, showers it’s candlepower on the .14 Caliber Killer tonight. He’s already looked unflappable, and carries the easy confidence of  The Man with No Name, the gunfighter portrayed so brilliantly by Clint Eastwood, in High Plains Drifter.  As far on the bandwagon as I was for the Jets to draft Josh Allen, I’ll say that Darnold has won me over, so far, even if I believe tTeddy Bridgewater should have  been tonight’s starter, but I guess that’s Bridgewater under the bridge at this point.

As far as tonight goes on offense,  ironically, it is not the rookie that’s the question, not to my mind. It’s Bates, his offense, (which has shown some things I’ve been looking for, to this point) and the offensive line. on ESPN, Tim and Ryan picked the Jets 17-13. Wendy picked the Cowardly Lions.

Forget that Sam Darnolds first touchdown pass came on his first play from scrimmage, and that it was to a Lion. Ugh. Like a Christian, in Rome he got thrown to the Lions.  He got bloodied early, but he took it and then he slayed.

So post game. I underestimated the size of the, dare I say it, BLOWOUT???  Coaching staff, especially Special Teams gets a reprieve and an apology. Sam, Seriously, Some suckitude, on that first play. Throwing across your body, and across the field, pick 6.  How was not doing that very thing part of your pre-game kata? But that 4th down play at the end of the game, showed that you know how to let it go. Congratulations, great game.  To the whole organization. And take note, while the  NY media, tempered their writings,  I told you, this game in a walk.

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1-0. And Sam Darnold, the youngest player to win an NFL game as a QB, in the Modern Era.  Has never lost an NFL game.  Ever.

Just like I said yesterday.

Game review tomorrow, but for tonight, we get to keep Caviar Wishes, and Champagne Dreams.


1st place.

Huge Blowout road win, (Thank you Matt Stafford for throwing it up, like Otis the Drunk on the Andy Griffith show)

Sweet Dreams Jets fans.

Fish Fry this Sunday,  Sorry, Dee.

Hobbes, Out.



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