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Jets Home Opener Tailgate – FISH FRY!

Wow, talk about fortuitous. Walk in from holding court at my secure undisclosed location,  sit down to write, and Overkill (the fifth member of the Big Four) comes on playing ‘Wrecking Crew.’ Another unappreciated band from N.J. , like Floridians have Savatage.

So Darnold so far has started his neophyte career looking like the pre-shaving version of Paul ‘The Wrecking’ Crew (again, the Florida connection…hmmm). My pop culture aficionados have more layers than an onion (oops, stop me before I sub-reference again) to peel back.  So, I didn’t really do a post-game analysis, because, at the end of the day, it would have just been redundant, and analysis requires studying the root cause analysis of the negative, and I had my fan hat on, so I used my four pages of handwritten notes as T.P. and moved on.  So what to expect Sunday?

Let’s start with atmosphere.  This is a fanbase, that never deserved the cognitive dissonance the NY media heaped on Mark Sanchez, and so even in what should have been great years, always got left with the taste of Ashes in Your Mouth. But for now, the media has buy-in. So the hype is strong in this one.  If you are going to the game, I envy you. This place should rock like the Stones at Altamont, with the Jets playing the role of the Hells Angels, and the Phins being the unfortunate crowd. Sonny Darnold’s boys should put the beatdown on those white (and teal) uniforms.

Now to the game, Miami plays dirty. They’ve adopted the Steelers model. To wit, this weeks news, regarding ‘questionable hits’

“My understanding is that if the quarterback carries out a fake or continues the action of running, then he’s eligible to be contacted. He’s still in a running mode. If he shows his hands or steps back away from things, then he’s not eligible to be contacted. That’s what we teach our guys. If you’re defending RPO-type games, there’s always somebody that’s on the dive and on the quarterback or whatever the other elements of the option are there. Again, that’s my understanding. Until someone tells me otherwise, that’s how we’re going to keep coaching our guys.”

Titans beat writer Paul Kuharsky reported Wednesday that the NFL later told Vrabel that Hayes’ hit should have been a penalty.

Now we will also find out if Darnold will start getting the NFL QB or even Star treatment that they’ve been inculcating since the Brady rule.

If Walt Coleman officiates this game, expect many penalty yards in the Jets favor. (Coleman protects QBs like he’s Sir Lancelot protecting Guinevere).  Now, I’ll follow up on that statement and others by Mike Perreira in Thursday nights game in a rant later, but let’s see this game first.

Now, If you look at last weeks game the Phins beat a diminished Tennessee team after Mariota, *see above, was out. Darnold isn’t Blaine Gabbert.  Oh, and BTW my esteemed editor for all his brilliance put the Phins well over the Jests in his power rankings.

The Phins secondary sucks, their LB corps makes the Jets look like the 70’s Steelers, and they have one bona fide wideout on the other side of the ball. And to be honest, Tannehill blows. Regardless of the outcome of Sunday’s game, raise your hand, if you’d take Tannehill over Darnold if you were starting a team tomorrow. Or Frank Gore and Drake, over Crowell and Powell. CroPo every time.

This game should not be close. It may be, as Monday night teams don’t typically fare well, on the following Sunday, but one other thing to consider is the potential for bad weather. And I will put myself on the line like other writers do not. If this is a wet weather slugfest, Crowell, is the only beast on the field. That player is an absolute monster.

For all my bitching about the Mickey Macc, and the state of the roster, the Phins do not match up to the level of the Jets talent, so again, focus on coaching in this game. On offense, the Jets are simply better, except at TE and that’s a wash. The  Jets Secondary fears nothing from this group and the vulnerabilities in the short passing gameplay to the fact that the Jets offense is more dynamic.

This game should be not quite a repeat of last week, there may even be a scare, but there should be smiles everywhere as the fourth quarter rolls around. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the two games last week. Yes, Stafford played like warmed over crap, but, the Lions are a better team than Miami, and they got smoked at home. Miami, was in a one-score game, 10-3, until a wild 34 point fourth quarter, at 17 apiece.

Fish Fry.  27-17 (yes again, giving the Phins credit for a late-game TD) Dee, buy more alcohol for your party, darling.

And the .14 Caliber Killer has never lost an NFL game. Not Ever. Hopefully, he takes that into Cleveland on Thursday.

Dare I dream? It’s late here, I am done, and my esteemed editor on West Coast time will have to bust balls to get this out, so,

for me, to Sleep, perchance to dream,  oh what dreams of death may come…to Miami, at the hands of the .14 Caliber Killer…

Hobbes out.

I want to know what you think,

C’mon, Enter the Tigers Den.



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