Jets Bills Pregame – Let’s Dance

Yes, the Let’s Dance headline ties back nicely to the David Bowie thing we’ve been working with Aladdin Sane of late. Interesting note, and once you’ve read this you will always hear it. Let’s Dance, is the first vinyl recording of blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughn. Eric Clapton should have gotten on the fucking helicopter. R.I.P. Stevie. His Live recording at the El should Mocambo should be owned by every music lover.  In retrospect, his sound on the Let’s Dance album is haunting. I really do love my little “China Girl”.  That’s one of those songs my cartoonish counterpart, a.k.a. ‘she who cannot be named’ used to laugh about, when the reasoning behind my amusement was the topic of the moment. I know, you’re saying, “ooh, baby, just you shut your mouth”. I know Mickey Macc and Flushed Bowles, oops, Aladdin Sane and Turd Ferguson are.

So, It’s Buffalo chips this week, and let’s start with a roster call. Short on WR and our best one now plays for Buffalo. Duh’Arnold miraculously has an ankle sprain, in the last game before the bye, so in effect gets a two-week time-out (are you buying into the sprain, I am not). Oh, and how does the Teddy Bridgewater trade look now?  In real life, the Jets should be 6-3 or 7-2  with Bridgewater as the starter, and Darnold coming in with a Bridgewater injury, not asking 37-year-old Josh McCown to give Turd Ferguson an ‘I rallied the troops’ fig leaf moment. Even if it’s against the only team in the division, if not the league, that is worse than his. Hey, Trader Mickey, nice call on that low third-round pick you got for screwing our season. Moron.

I’ve really got more to say about this, but those are the most salient points. I may file an addendum tomorrow, but these are the important factors to keep in mind, going into this game and the bye week. And if Bowles blows this game, he should be fired, before he reaches the locker room after the 4th quarter. It’s Buffalo … take a bus, Turd, ruminate.

Flush the Bowles.

I want to know what you think,

C’mon enter the Tigers Den



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