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Steelers Lose to Ravens

The Pittsburgh Steelers fell short to the archrival Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night 26-14.  Here are the good, the bad and the ugly from last night’s game.

The Good

Ben Roethlisberger continues to be the saving grace for what is looking to be a lost season for the Steelers, throwing for 274 yards and a score.  If it weren’t for him, this game would be even MORE lopsided in the Ravens’ favor.

Oh, and the team was only penalized five times, so there’s that too.

The Bad

SOOOOOO many places to go here.

Let’s start with the offense.  Sure Big Ben had a good game, but the Steelers cannot afford to rely SOLELY on him every week.  That running game has to get untracked.  James Conner and the running backs should be gaining more than 50 yards on the ground per contest.  If only Le’Veon Bell could help with the… oh that’s right.

Gotta love a defense that would make Joe Flacco look like Joe Montana.  Flacco did just that by throwing for 363 yards and two touchdowns.

The Ugly

As I said earlier, this is quickly turning into a lost season for the Steelers.

This team is obviously not focused.  Pittsburgh came out listless for most of the first half against an archrival in a prime-time game AT HOME.  That’s on head coach Mike Tomlin.

A defense littered with first and second-round draft picks have not been performing well since Week 1’s breakout vs. the Cleveland Browns.  That’s on Tomlin, his defensive coaching staff, and general manager Kevin Colbert.

The ongoing Le’Veon Bell distraction.  That’s totally on Colbert.

Something needs to change for this team quick, fast and in a hurry.

Scott Burks

Scott Burks

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