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Texans LB Brian Cushing Suspended

Brian Cushing

I am a sports writers.  I keep NFL Network and ESPN running on the immediate vicinity big screen as well as receiving smart phone alerts. So seeing another NFL PED suspension get announced on NFL Network as alerts tripped my phone is not out of the norm.  And being someone who has followed Texans LB Brian Cushing’s promising yet frustrating career I was certainly not surprised to see him being the player identified as receiving a 10 game suspension.

There is no denying Cushing’s talent. The man is an incredible athlete. He has instincts, desire, pupose and urgency when he plays. However, it’s not his first trip to the pharmacist for performance assistance, the first being in 2010. Odds are it won’t be his last.

I am certain the apology and side-step seemingly written by his agent is forthcoming shortly.

Did I mention his career has been frustrating? Also disappointing. The city of Houston is in need of heros right now, not more disappointments.

Way to go big guy.

What say you Sports Nation?

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