The Texans lose Deshaun

Injuries are apart of football and always will be, yet that doesn’t take away the shock factor when we hear of them. Torn ACL’s are not only a common football injury, but a yearly if not monthly NFL occurrence. But for a rookie quarterback who was seemingly climbing the ladder to not only rookie of the year but future superstar, this setback means a lot more.

I try and look at the positives and negatives of every situation and weigh them proportionately. Deshaun Watson going down with a torn ACL in practice in a non contact situation provides both sides of thinking.

On the negative side, you feel bad for the guy. We’re talking about a rookie player who has shown leadership on and off the field instantly. Watson has sparked not only the Texans, but the community around him with his charitable acts this season. To see his season so far, which was historical, coming off his best showing in Seattle and then for this to randomly happen is a bummer to see.

This also means Houston’s playoff choices went from promising to unlikely. Everyone in Houston remembers the first half of the opening season game against Jacksonville and how Tom Savage looked, and honestly I think that’s all I need to say.

Lastly, Texans fans. Fresh off getting a world series title in baseball, the Houston area also had a shiny new race car leading their football team at quarterback. Texans’ fans have been the kid in high school wanting to go to prom with the “hot girl” in the class. Repeatedly getting the run around after asking, never getting a straight answer. Now, FINALLY she said YES, all the preparations started, the entire family was excited for you. Then she gets mono randomly and can’t go. Speechless

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These fans have already had to see J.J Watt go down as well, lets not forget.

As for the positive side, the silver lining if you will, Deshaun has had this injury before and come back from it in college. So he knows the therapy involved and how to train his body to recover. The defense was decimated with the loss of Mercilus and Watt, so presumably they will all be healthy together for the 2018-19 season. A fresh start for J.J who will go into training camp for the first time knowing he was a dynamic franchise quarterback .

Watt, Mercilus, Watson, we’ll see you all next year and we look forward to it.

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